Blood Sugar

A Carcinogen May Be in Your Medicine Cabinet Right Now

Diabetes, my friends, is ridiculously common in the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that more than one in three adults are pre-diabetic and over 30 million already have this condition ( That’s why I wanted to tell you about the alarming finding about Metformin, a common medication used to control diabetes.

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Blood Sugar - The Diabetes Myth

The Diabetes Myth

Diabetes can be a scary diagnosis. For many, it comes out of nowhere and there is not a lot of information given on what you can proactively do. One thing is for sure. Diabetes is absolutely reversible. Yes it is. So if you take away anything in this article, know that you have the chance

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Blood Sugar - Reverse Diabetes

Reverse Diabetes

Is it really possible? Diabetes is a leading health challenge that many are facing today. As a matter of fact, 366 million people globally have this condition. It’s becoming an epidemic. The challenge is that when you get diagnosed it can get pretty scary. You hear certain complications that can arise such as peripheral neuropathy, blindness, and

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