Brain Health


If you want to know if there’s something wrong in the brain, it seems obvious that you need to take a look at the brain itself. There are some particularly annoying conditions that don’t show up on any kind of scan, but when the issue is structural, that’s when neuroimaging comes into play. You’ve probably …

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Protect And Prevent

Your brain is incredibly complicated and responsible for all sorts of different things. When it has problems, whether they’re physical or mental, you can feel it in all aspects of your life. There’s an intangible quality to mental illness, even when it does have a physical cause, and that can make it easy to forget …

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A Lifelong Concern

Brains are complicated. Of course, pretty much every aspect of human bodies and health can be considered complicated, but the brain often seems exceptionally complicated. One consideration is its physical condition and performance, but there’s also a lot of less tangible psychological, social and emotional stuff. We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface. In this …

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Everyone has trouble motivating themselves sometimes, but what if your brain is specifically wired to struggle with attention, memory, impulse control and planning? People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often face additional challenges when it comes to motivation, which means different management strategies are needed. Many people think of ADHD as just meaning someone …

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Lifelong Learning

Children learn things almost by default. It’s a combination of not knowing anything to start with and having the open-mindedness that makes it much easier to pick up new things. For adults who’ve developed habits and whose brains have literally become more set in their ways, getting in the right learning mindset is a bit …

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Personality Disorders

When it comes to mental illnesses that have a bad reputation, few are more stigmatized than personality disorders. Depression and anxiety are becoming more widely acknowledged, but personality disorders are tricky things that can be difficult to understand. Part of this is because personality disorders aren’t about measurable experience, like schizophrenic hallucinations or bipolar mood …

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