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Biomarker For Happiness

There are biomarkers for everything these days, covering all aspects of our bodies and health. Still, the idea that there could be a biomarker for happiness seems far-fetched… unless you’re Matter Neuroscience. They’ve just secured the funding to try to prove it ( Happiness can seem like an ephemeral concept. It looks different for every

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Corneal Opacity

More than a million people experience corneal opacity every year. In its most severe cases, it can lead to blindness. There are already a few possible treatments of varying effectiveness, and now it looks like one more could be on the way. An Indian biotech company by the name of Pandorum Technologies has secured funding

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Box Breathing

When you’re stressed, or even if you’re feeling OK but want to test out the potential benefits of meditation, one of the main things experts will tell you is to work on your breathing. That’s fine, but how exactly do you control your breath until you’re clear-headed and relaxed? Consider box breathing ( There are

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Bad Habits

Mental health is a complicated matter that is impacted by a wide variety of factors. Some, like genetics, you can’t change, but you can still improve your lifestyle. There are a few bad habits that, if you cut them out, may help keep your brain on track ( Smoking is one of the worst habits

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Workplace Wellbeing

You might not think of your boss as being someone with your welfare at heart, but employers do have a duty of care toward their employees. The good ones make an effort to check in with how you’re doing and make accommodations where necessary. During the pandemic, this looked a little different thanks to the

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