Increasing Your Attention Span

Brain Health - Increasing Your Attention Span

Attention tends to be the challenge of the day. It seems like more and more we are losing our focus to so many other things. So how do we get our brains to work better and focus on what is important? Get rid of your cell phone? Probably not going to happen. Nutrition plays an enormous role […]

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Is There Actual Nutrition for Memory?

Brain Health - Is There Actual Nutrition for Memory?

Our memory is something that we take for granted when we are younger and later we realize how important it is. It seems that we are experiencing a greater surge in memory-related health challenges like Alzheimer’s and dementia. So what can we do? Brain health has always fascinated me. The neurological system is in control of so […]

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Maintaining Your Memory

Brain Health - Maintaining Your Memory

If you haven’t noticed lately, the rise of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia is in full swing. We have seen a marked increase in the last decade. There are some very specific reasons that we are seeing this in many over the age of 65. Memory and healthy cognition are the essentials that we need to […]

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Natural Solutions With Bipolar

Brain Health - Natural Solutions With Bipolar

Have you ever met someone that deals with Bipolar disorder? Bipolar is a mental health condition that affects many each year. Not only does it affect them personally, but it also dramatically affects those around them in a challenging way. The old medical name was known as Manic Depression. It is a serious mental condition that has to […]

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The Top 5 Ways To Help With Focus

Brain Health - The Top 5 Ways To Help With Focus

Do you feel like you have a lack of focus? Is it becoming more difficult to concentrate on your everyday tasks? If you feel scattered and are unable to complete tasks with efficiency and focused effort, you might be dealing with a form of ADHD. Our kids in America make approximately 6.1 million visits per year to […]

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