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Night Shift Workers

Everyone needs to exercise, but for some people it’s more important than others. Night shift workers face additional health risks due to their disrupted sleep patterns, but research suggests they can also experience even more benefits if they manage to fit regular exercise into their schedule ( Night shifts aren’t easy for many reasons. First, […]

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Olive Oil

The Mediterranean diet is often feted as one of the healthiest options out there, and olive oil is a big part of that. Can this one ingredient really have such magical properties? How does it compare to other kinds of fat? And is there any reason to be wary? Let’s take a deeper look (

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Sleep Supplements

Any list of basic lifestyle changes to improve your health is going to include improving your quality of sleep, but that’s easier said than done. Sleeping pills often seem like the domain of musicians and movie stars, but there are actually a range of different supplements claiming to help you achieve a good night’s rest.

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Making Predictions

Epigenetic testing may be one of the hottest things in longevity science right now, but there are still big questions about its effectiveness, especially compared to other health predictors. A new study by the University of Michigan gives deeper insight into just how well it works ( Predicting future health is an imprecise business but

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We’ve known for a while that many viruses continue to impact the body long after the initial infection disappears. It’s likely a factor in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). The trouble is that these conditions are poorly understood and easily dismissed. Since the pandemic and the rise of long COVID, finding possible therapies has taken

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Growth Hormone Receptor Deficiency

Growth hormone receptor deficiency (GHRD) doesn’t sound good. Who wants to be deficient in anything? In this case, it’s associated with a condition called Laron syndrome, which causes short stature, among other traits. You may be surprised to learn that it could also reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease ( Well, let’s not get

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Unknown Molecules

The human body is very complicated. Every time we identify one new compound or process, we find another dozen that we don’t understand at all. The more we discover, the more apparent it is just how little we know, and this, of course, makes developing new treatments even more difficult. That doesn’t stop scientists from

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Senior Living Tech

In recent years, devices to help elderly people live more independently while staying connected to their families and friends have seen a boom in popularity. They’ve gone from nice accessories for those with the knowledge and budget to absolute essentials. Why exactly has this happened, and what does it mean for the future ( Well,

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