Energy & Hormones


If you’re looking to increase your nutrient intake and find what does what, you’ll probably see that carbohydrates are what give us energy (with a bit more coming from fat), and protein is what allows us to grow, build muscle and repair injury. This is all true, but what you might not realize is that …

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Community Health

You may be on good terms with your neighbors, or you may try avoiding them. I know from experience that living next door to someone doesn’t mean you like them. The people around you, however, can be important to your overall health. When people who live in the same area start experiencing the same health …

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Use The Force

When you first hear that alarm beep in the morning, are you raring to go, or do you just roll over? Theoretically, after a good night’s rest, you should be full of energy and ready to face the day. Of course, it’s not always that easy. We can’t do anything without energy. Take it away …

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Power Up

If you’re a physicist, energy is something that exists and changes but cannot be created or destroyed. It could be kinetic or potential, then broken down further into mechanical, electric, gravitational and a dozen other forms. What is sure is that it’s essential to everything that lives and moves on Earth. I’m not a physicist, …

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