Muscle Gain & Fat Loss

Neuropeptide Y

There are lots of hormones involved in how we eat and whether we gain or lose weight. There are ghrelin and leptin, the hormones of hunger and satiety; there’s insulin with its influence over blood sugar; and there are glucocorticoids like cortisol impacting your metabolism, to name just a few. A less known contributor is …

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Everyone wishes they could see immediate results when they exercise, but realistically speaking, most of us realize that sustainable muscle growth is a long game. That’s why something like microloading, which allows you to push forward in smaller, more manageable increments, can be a great tool. When you first start doing strength training, it doesn’t …

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There are two hormones that have a big impact on whether we feel hungry or full, which has implications when it comes to how much we eat and therefore whether we lose or gain fat. I’ve talked about leptin, the hormone of satiety, before, which must mean it’s ghrelin’s turn. Ghrelin is often called the …

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Exercise and diet. Yeah, you probably know by now that those are the two most important things for trying to build some muscle. They’re not the only things you can do, however. There are lots of supplements on the market that claim to be ideal for muscle gain. Some of them are talking nonsense, but …

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Are you hungry right now? Have you eaten enough? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, it sounds like something’s wrong. After all, if you’ve eaten enough, you shouldn’t be hungry, right? The answer to this may lie in the hormone leptin, which has a direct influence on whether you feel full, …

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Muscle Soreness

It’s all very well singing the benefits of exercise to try to build your muscle, but it’s harder to be enthusiastic when your muscles start aching. Muscle soreness is inevitable, but how does it affect your overall performance, and how can you alleviate its impact? Muscle soreness can be divided into two different types. Acute …

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