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Asa Andrew, MD is 3-time physician, founder of the largest health media company, entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, the nation’s #1 health coach, lifestyle strategist, and recognized world leader in health psychology.

Known as America’s Health Coach, Dr. Asa Andrew is a national best-selling author, radio and TV host, and recognized authority on Health Psychology. He is also the founder of Diagnosis HOPE, a non-profit designed to support health and wellness education. Dr. Asa has dedicated his life to helping others thrive in their health. We invite you to take the first step now.


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Eating & Nutrition
Dr Asa Andrew

A Longevity Diet

Okay, so every piece of advice about increasing your longevity will likely throw in at least one line about diet and exercise. It’s generally understood that grand gestures mean nothing without these basics. Of course, diet and exercise can both be pretty broad categories. With so much conflicting advice out there, how can you find

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Recovery & Performance
Dr Asa Andrew


No matter how fancy modern science becomes, one of the most important factors affecting our longevity will always be exercise. Of course, types of exercise vary widely, and it can be pretty hard to find a type that doesn’t just improve our health but is also enjoyable. Swimming is one of the most popular types

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Longevity & Immunity
Dr Asa Andrew

Digitally Calculating Your Biological Age

There was a time when, if you wanted to know anything about your health, you had to go to the doctor and get them to run tests. In these days of apps and AI, that’s no longer the case. More and more people are taking the power to measure their biological age into their own

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Eating & Nutrition
Dr Asa Andrew


Supplements claim to do all kinds of strange and wonderful things. Sometimes, one supplement alone seems to have an impossibly long list of potential benefits. While it’s always best to be cautious when a health claim sounds too good to be true, there are some supplements that do have a plethora of possible uses. L-carnitine

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Longevity & Immunity
Dr Asa Andrew

Growing Investment

When you start describing the many individuals and companies working to improve the human lifespan, the phrase “longevity industry” can sound a little mercenary. It summons images of bigwigs in suits trying to make money off of human aging and the diseases associated with it. Of course, you can’t make major medical and scientific innovations

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