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Asa Andrew, MD is 3-time physician, founder of the largest health media company, entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, the nation’s #1 health coach, lifestyle strategist, and recognized world leader in health psychology.

Known as America’s Health Coach, Dr. Asa Andrew is a national best-selling author, radio and TV host, and recognized authority on Health Psychology. He is also the founder of Diagnosis HOPE, a non-profit designed to support health and wellness education. Dr. Asa has dedicated his life to helping others thrive in their health. We invite you to take the first step now.


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Bone & Joint Health
Dr Asa Andrew

Joint Replacement

You’ve tried all the other, less dramatic treatments but they haven’t worked. Your joints are still painful, and your mobility is still limited. Replacement arthroplasty, most commonly known as joint replacement surgery, may be the best remaining option. We have a New York surgeon called Stephen S. Hudack to thank for joint replacement therapy. He

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Blood Sugar
Dr Asa Andrew

Insulin Resistance

If you know anything about diabetes, you know about the importance of insulin. It’s the hormone that regulates your glucose and blood sugar levels. Often closely linked to diabetes is another, lesser-known condition called insulin resistance. Considering the impact it can have on your health, it’s important to know not just what it is but

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Recovery & Performance
Dr Asa Andrew

Hot And Cold

Two of the most common recovery techniques seem like opposites. One involves applying heat to your aching muscles, the other involves cold. Yet these two common forms of treatment often come together. Which one is more effective depends on the type of pain. Heat therapy could more accurately be called warm therapy. High temperatures can

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Muscle Gain & Fat Loss
Dr Asa Andrew

Muscle Soreness

It’s all very well singing the benefits of exercise to try to build your muscle, but it’s harder to be enthusiastic when your muscles start aching. Muscle soreness is inevitable, but how does it affect your overall performance, and how can you alleviate its impact? Muscle soreness can be divided into two different types. Acute

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Longevity & Immunity
Dr Asa Andrew

Stem Cell Therapy For Macular Degeneration

Sometimes it seems that every part of the body degenerates as we grow older. Human lifespans may be extending, but as they do, more people run into the diseases of aging. Stem cell therapy is touted as a potential solution to many age-related problems, but some of the strongest evidence is for how it might

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