Heart Health

Engineering Blood Vessels

Blood vessels are far more than merely the plumbing that runs between our important organs. They’re vital in their own right, and when they’re blocked, diseased or damaged, that can cause major, sometimes life-threatening health problems. Current options for fixing or replacing them are limited, but that could be about to change (https://longevity.technology/news/novel-approach-can-engineer-blood-vessels/). If you

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Anyone who’s ever had any kind of medical procedure done – or has just watched a medical drama on TV – knows the importance of checking your heart rate. It’s meant to beat somewhere between 70 and 75 times a minute; if it’s too fast, or too slow, or it’s not quite regular, it could

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Cardiovascular Disease

We sometimes talk about cardiovascular disease like it’s just one thing, a singular condition affecting our heart and blood vessels. In fact, it’s actually a whole class of diseases that, although they have a lot in common, show up in slightly different ways. They do have similar causes and risk factors, so preventative measures for

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Keeping Track

What’s your heart doing at the moment? Do you know? Well, presumably it’s still beating or you wouldn’t be able to sit there reading, but what’s your current heart rate? It can change depending on a whole host of factors, from whether you’ve just finished some intense exercise to if you have a health problem.

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