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Is it really possible? Diabetes is a leading health challenge that many are facing today. As a matter of fact, 366 million people globally have this condition. It’s becoming an epidemic. The challenge is that when you get diagnosed it can get pretty scary. You hear certain complications that can arise such as peripheral neuropathy, blindness, and even losing a limb. However there is hope. Diabetes is one of the most reversible health challenges we have today. It is possible to beat it. To Reverse it. Let’s look at the differences between the types of diabetes and what we can do to win. 

There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 used to be called Juvenile Diabetes. It has a strong genetic link and is an autoimmune condition. That means that the body thinks something is wrong with the pancreas, and is in a constant state of attacking the cells. This individual is usually on some form of consistent insulin to manage the condition. 

The next and most common form of diabetes is type 2. This has less of a genetic link and has more to do with our lifestyle choices. The great news is that it is the most reversible. The scientific community used to call the Adult-Onset Diabetes. They dropped it after they found out that 1 of 3 of our young people under the age of 11 have type 2. Absolutely crazy! Our kids are almost facing this disease in greater capacity than adults. We have to do something! And we can. 

So how do you beat diabetes? It’s with your daily choices. And I assure you it is not difficult. You just have to put in the work. Let’s look at some of the steps we use in our Health Coach System that I developed to see people win the battle against Diabetes. 

1.Combine Food Properly 
Most likely your eating habits have led you down this path. However, they can also be your best medicine! Set a goal that every time you eat a carbohydrate, like a fruit or vegetable, you will always have a protein of fat with that meal. The protein and the fat will offset most blood sugar release. So if you eat an apple, have a piece of fish or a handful of almonds with it. 

2.Exercise is Essential 
You have to get out and move. I don’t care what your excuse may be. If you don’t move, you will not win. On the radio I constantly say set a goal to have at least 10 minutes of some form of activity 6 days per week. All the current studies show us that exercise, in any form, improves insulin sensitivity. 

3. Get Your Sleep 
Sleep is vital for the body to repair. Set your sights on getting 6-8 hours per night. This needs to be uninterrupted sleep. There is an entire nutritional protocol for sleep HERE 

4.Get Rid Of The Drama 
Get all negativity out of your life. Negative people, negative situations, and anything that resembles it. Stress is one of the leading causes of many of the health challenges that we face today. As a matter of fact the CDC noted that 85% of the root cause of most disease is rooted in our emotions. Think about that for empowering your health

5.Use Supplements 
There are so many vital nutritional supplements that can help you win. Start with the foundational four which is (HERE). Also, there are combination formulas for blood sugar support like (this). Turmeric is also important for lowering the inflammation in the body. The reason we need nutritional supplements is because our soil is so heavily depleted, that we just don’t get everything that we need out of our food supply.

You can win this battle! It just takes some strategic planning. I would suggest to having some form of lab work testing to check all of your vital key nutritional areas and make sure there are no deficiencies. Diabetes is a lifestyle-based condition. That’s great news because it gives us the hope to know we can lifestyle our way out.

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