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How can you recomposition your body to gain muscle and lose fat without resorting to risky performance-enhancing drugs? You might be able to use steroids to give your muscles a boost, but they won’t necessarily stop you from gaining weight, and they’re not a substitute for a properly nutritious diet. Let’s talk a bit about […]

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Protein Powder

Protein powder is one of the most popular supplements out there, especially if you’re trying to build some muscle. It’s considered a safe and convenient way to give yourself a nutritional boost, but just how well does it work? Are there any side effects to be aware of before you take your first dose? Let’s

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The quest for supplements to increase the human lifespan is a never-ending one. There’s a constant cycle of studies and discoveries that may or may not be the next big thing. It can be hard to keep track of what’s the current hot supplement, but some recent research is probably going to move astaxanthin up

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The Dieting Yo-Yo

Anyone who has tried dieting has probably been there. You start with good intentions, maybe even lose a bit of weight, but then the moment you stop, it all piles back on almost immediately. It’s disheartening, it’s probably unhealthier than just staying at the heavier weight in the first place, and a lot of experts

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When it comes to the many medical problems out there that can have a debilitating impact on your life, autoimmune conditions are among the trickiest. How can you heal from a disease when it’s your body’s own protective mechanisms attacking you? Scientists are hopeful that a compound called taxifolin may help ( Taxifolin is also

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Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-grown meat? Really? I can hear your skepticism, but this is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It’s here, and now we need to consider the safety and ethics, as well as the taste, so we can decide whether it’s worth eating ( What do we mean by lab-grown meat? We mean no fields

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Celtic Salt

Sea salt? Table salt? Iodized salt? Kosher salt? How can something as simple as the most basic seasoning be so complicated? And that’s before we get to the warnings about how too much salt is bad for you – but if you don’t get enough you’re going to end up unhealthy. Where exactly does Celtic

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C15:0 Fatty Acid

Fatty acids… You’ve probably heard of them. They get mentioned a lot in wellness circles, but if you don’t know what they’re all about, the mention of “fat” may have you scared. No nutrient is as demonized as fat, despite all the important roles it plays in the body. In the case of one particular

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Dark Chocolate

The list of people who don’t enjoy chocolate is probably short, but not everyone likes it dark. High cocoa can be bitter and is a bit of an acquired taste. It’s also probably the healthiest version ( It’s not often that we tell you that a snack mostly thought of as a luxurious treat may

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Not all vegetables are created equal in the grand game of healthy nutrition. Most of them have at least one vitamin or mineral, but there are some that go far beyond and tend to top lists of the best foods to eat. Cruciferous vegetables fall into that category, but you may not have heard of

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