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Echinacea is another one of those plants that people have been using in traditional medicine for years but where you might wonder exactly what it does and if there’s science to back up the claims. Well, I’m always here to try to help when you’re wading through the ever-confusing information that accompanies most supplements. There …

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Nutritional Wisdom

If you were to take a look at the health advice available everywhere from magazines to official government websites, you’d be forgiven for thinking that humans are basically incapable of making any kind of decision about their own diet without having the rules of healthy eating explained to them in great detail. Now, it’s true …

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St. John’s Wort

If you’ve used pretty much any kind of prescription medication, you may have seen that little label “Do not take with St. John’s wort” and wondered what makes that particular supplement special. There are a million different supplements based on ancient herbal remedies, but they don’t all carry that notice. That might be because St. …

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Nutrition Psychology

If you think it’s difficult getting your head around all the complicated science that seems to underpin discussions of diet, don’t worry. There’s a whole branch of psychology specifically dedicated to how people think about food and how food makes us feel. It’s called nutritional psychology, and if nothing else, it shows that just telling …

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Golden Rice

In our modern world, the amount of food available to us is pretty much limitless. We can reach every corner of the world in every season, so you can choose pretty much any unusual or exotic ingredient for your table that your budget allows. It’s pretty exciting. We still, however, have a few foods that …

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Build That Muscle

Now, I’m not a bodybuilder, but if I was, everything I did would be geared toward what would give me the biggest, strongest muscles. I’d eat foods high in protein. I’d do weightlifting and other exercises that help increase my power. And I might consider taking supplements to give me an extra boost. The world …

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