Longevity & Immunity

T Cells

The immune system is complicated and full of many parts, but some of its most important components are the type of white blood cells known as T cells. They play multiple roles in our immune response, ensuring we can fight off invaders not just now but in the future. Like so much of the body, …

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There are lots of exciting areas for scientists to explore as they try to conquer the secrets of longevity. One that has been receiving increasing attention, even though the research is still in the early stages, is the role of autophagy. “Autophagy” is a fancy-sounding word that’s originally from Greek. It means “self-devouring”. In particular, …

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You may have heard of your biological clock, but what about your inflammatory clock of aging (iAge)? As this is a relatively recent idea from scientists, you may not know what it means. It’s a way of measuring the aging of your immune system, your risk of developing age-related inflammation and other illnesses, and how …

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Inflammation is one of the great irritations of aging, literally as well as figuratively. It becomes more common, it becomes more serious, and it underpins conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to arthritis. Why exactly is this, and is there anything we can do about it? There’s some debate among scientists about whether inflammation is a symptom …

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Many parts of the body become weaker or less effective as we age. Mobility and flexibility decrease, physical strength is lost, hormone levels change, and even the brain slows down. Then there’s immunosenescence, or the aging of the immune system, which creates its own specific problems. The effects of aging on the immune system are …

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