Blood Sugar

Smart Tech Earring

Smartwatches? Yeah, we’re getting used to them. Smart glasses? Maybe. A little sci-fi, perhaps, but why not? But what about smart earrings? Meet yet another addition to the increasingly popular, increasingly fashionable world of smart jewelry that can monitor your health and look good, all at the same time ( This particular invention was developed […]

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We think of blood sugar problems as being something that belongs exclusively to diabetics. However, that’s not true, and if you don’t know about the various conditions and medications that can cause changes in your blood sugar, you may not be able to spot when something is wrong. One possible cause is an insulinoma. An

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You might think that insulin is the only hormone you need to worry about when it comes to controlling your blood sugar, and perhaps glucagon, too. However, there are other, less famous contributors, and some of them are important enough that they’re the basis for some diabetes medications. Incretins are a type of what are

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One of the great fears when you have diabetes is that you’ll develop potentially fatal hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar. It’s not just insulin and glucagon problems that interfere with your glucose, though. The hormones released by stress, like cortisol and adrenaline, can also contribute to a dangerous increase, which means they also need to

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just make a list of the things that make your blood sugar go up and the things that make your blood sugar go down? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple, especially when alcohol is involved. If you’re watching your blood sugar, especially if you have a condition like

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Insulin Resistance

If you know anything about diabetes, you know about the importance of insulin. It’s the hormone that regulates your glucose and blood sugar levels. Often closely linked to diabetes is another, lesser-known condition called insulin resistance. Considering the impact it can have on your health, it’s important to know not just what it is but

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For people with diabetes, the first worry is hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, and all its associated problems. It’s the main characteristic of the condition. However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook the risks of low blood sugar, properly called hypoglycemia. In fact, one of the leading causes of hypoglycemia is diabetes medication, such as

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It’s bad when your blood sugar is too high, and it’s bad when your blood sugar is too low. That’s because what the body actually wants is blood sugar homeostasis. Homeostasis is when something remains steady and in the same condition, such as body temperature or fluid levels. And if your body wants to maintain

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Getting The Measure

As the diabetics among you are all too aware, your blood sugar level is pretty important. If it’s too low, you could experience health problems. If it’s too high, it can cause other problems. That means it’s pretty helpful to know when and how to measure it. Low blood sugar has lots of possible symptoms

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