There is No Age Limit on Strength Training

Do you know that anyone can pump iron, even your grandmother? I’m just going to leave you with that mental image for a while….

Anyway, we are all impressed by those older bodybuilders who look better than we ever did at any age, and while you don’t have to go that far, anyone at any age can engage in strength training for more stable joints and better overall health.

There’s no age limit on training

Just about anyone can do strength training, but shockingly few of us actually do it – even among those of us who exercise regularly. As reported by the Minn Post, close to 60 percent of all adults in the US don’t bother with any form of strength training at all ( That’s a lot of people whose sole form of weightlifting is moving a cell phone. While smaller kids, of course, do need to wait until their bones are strong enough, strength training is for people in most age groups, even those in their 90s. It’s one area of exercise that can be tailored to just about any need.

It helps your joints

As Harvard Medical School points out, strength training can help protect and support joints, and it can also ease stiffness, pain and some swelling, even in people with arthritis ( Naturally, the thought of starting a strength training program may seem off the wall to someone with arthritis, but when done properly, it can be very beneficial and improve your quality of life.

Choose a trainer who has experience working with people with joint conditions if you have any form of arthritis as they will be able to develop a safe and effective program for you. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, it’s recommended that you do water exercises instead of weights when you are in a period of active inflammation.

The way weights can help boost your joints is surprisingly simple: when you have stronger muscles, they’re better able to support your joints. When you have more muscle and less fat, that’s less strain on your joints, too.

Your joints can cause a lot of problems in your daily life when they develop issues, whether it’s from injury, age or a medical condition. Consider adding strength training to your regular routine to help keep your joints in the best possible shape.

A Better Drug for Bones?

Today in my lecture series, I’m going to talk about bones… you know, those creaky things that get you up and walking in the morning.

As we get older, our bones, unfortunately, grow older with us. But it’s not like those wrinkles in the mirror that we can easily see; this is something we feel, and oh boy, I can tell you it doesn’t feel good!

Some of us may be unfortunate enough to develop a condition called osteoporosis, in which bones become porous and more fragile, leaving us open to fractures and other problems. There are some medications for this, including the relatively new kid on the block, Boniva.

Part of the bisphosphonates drug class, Boniva was made for osteoporosis treatment and is similar to other drugs for the same condition, such as Actonel and Fosamax. Those drugs had to be taken every day or once a week, but Boniva only has to be taken once a month. All three of these medications work by stopping or slowing down the activity of the cells that are breaking down the bones, known as osteoclasts. Your bones are constantly being built up and torn down your whole life, but once you pass 30, you’re losing more than you gain and your bones become less dense over time. In women, this process can get worse after menopause, leading to osteoporosis.

Boniva’s side effects are similar to those of Actonel and Fosamax and include joint and muscle pain, headache and gastrointestinal problems, according to the Mayo Clinic ( Some people taking this class of drugs have also experienced degeneration of the jawbone, but this is a newly discovered possible side effect and we don’t yet know how common it is.

Keep in mind that medicine isn’t your only route for getting your bones into better shape. If you smoke, it’s time to quit. The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases says smoking increases your risk of bone issues ( Strength training and weight-bearing exercises can help you keep your bone mass, and you can also take 500 to 700 mg of calcium citrate and 2,000 IU of Vitamin D daily to help promote your absorption of calcium; be sure to speak to your doctor before taking any new supplements. Reduce your soda consumption, caffeine and excessive protein in your diet; all of these can make calcium loss worse.

You can’t turn back the hands of time on your bones, but you can take steps to minimize its effects!

Improving Joint Health

Joint Health - Improving Joint Health

If you really want to know how to make someone age faster, then take away their mobility. Our ability to move and get around effectively a key to our independence and living life on our terms. One area that challenges this is arthritis and joint pain. When someone gets these aches and pains, it starts to hinder their mobility and ability to thrive. Getting arthritis and joint pain is not just because you are older, it has to do with inflammation within the body.

Our mobility can be compromised in several different ways. The beginning stage to any health challenge starts in the mind and with stress. That is where it begins. You show me someone with Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain, and I will show you someone with emotional stress that has been suppressed and not handled effectively. And that is just one example. So what can you do if you have joint pain and can’t move like you used to? 

Move anyway.

Yes that is true. Getting the body moving is an absolute essential to overcoming the lack of mobility. Even if you are having some pain, find an activity that will put you in some level of movement. Swimming, for example, is a great way to increase flexibility and get the body moving to increase mobility. 

I have to push you on this point. If you are having pain, then look at your life. Body pain is usually a reflection of emotional pain. The two go hand in hand. It might be time to talk with someone. It might be time to ask for help and that’s ok. The key to remember is that time is not your friend when it comes to your health. Here are some basic steps to maintain great mobility. 

1. Clean up your emotional life. 

2. Clean up your eating. Focus on anti-inflammatory foods. 

3. Add some exercise. Get moving every day 

4. Watch Your Thoughts. They will determine everything. 

And watch how your body can recover and respond. Don’t let life and circumstances take away your mobility and quality of life. You can get it back.

Is It Possible To Rebuild Your Joints?

Joint Health - Is It Possible To Rebuild Your Joints?

When most people get diagnosed with arthritis they feel as if their mobility is gone forever. I have often said on my radio and television shows that if the body can get sick, then it can also get well. That statement is proven time and time again by medical science. Yes, the joints can break down in the form of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. However, the body can also regenerate and rebuild these areas as well. Whether it is your knees, hips, shoulders, or even your feet, the achy joints can come back to life again. But how? There are some proven principles that have been shown in numerous studies that our joints can rebuild. The first key is to make sure you keep some form of exercise routine on a consistent basis. That has been a proven theme in the research. There are several keys to follow to get your joint health going on the right track. 

1.Exercise with Resistance
I prefer weights, but the bands and bodyweight will work. Researchers found that when you exercise with a repetition range of 15-20 reps, it actually triggers the DNA to activate the joints to regenerate and rebuild. Yes, that’s right. So if you have knee pain and a degenerative knee, you can do certain exercises with resistance that will help to trigger the knee joint to begin healing. 

2.Exercise Daily
We have to move daily. Performing exercise 3 days a week is old school and it just won’t cut it. You have to get moving daily. It is essential for our joint health. 

3. Reduce Inflammation
Your eating habits will set the stage for a great growth environment or a destructive one. Follow the anti-inflammatory diet and it will give you your best chance of winning the battle of healing the joints for empowering your health

4.Stem Cell Therapy
This is a long topic. I would look into stem cell therapy. It is now cleared by the FDA and physicians are getting amazing results. There are two different kinds of stem cells. Embryonic, Mesenchymal, and Amniotic. The mesenchymal and amniotic stem cells are the ones to look for to help repair and regenerate the cells and tissue. Clinics are getting amazing results from knees to the spine to even conditions like diabetes and COPD. 

5.Omega 3 Fats
I get asked about these often. These are vital to understand. Make sure you have a blood test done to assess what your omega 3 fatty acids are. The higher the level, the greater the capacity for your joints to heal. Keeping your omega 3 fatty acids elevated will help ensure the best environment for the joints. You can easily get your omega 3 fats from fish, nuts, and even vegetables like squash.

Top 5 for Arthritis and Better Joints

Joint Health - Top 5 for Arthritis and Better Joints

Arthritis and joint pain are one of the leading causes of why many struggle to have a high quality of life. Pain can be the great distractor in how well you can move and enjoy life. There are many natural ways to support overall joint health and keep you from having all of the joint health restrictions that you could potentially see. One of these is found in stem cell therapy. Let’s look at how a new wave of therapy could be making a difference in how you body can regenerate and thrive. There are many new therapeutics available to keep our joints in tip top shape. One is called stem cell therapy. Along with taking our own stem cells, there are lifestyle modifications that must accompany this to make it successful. If you have worked with your doctor to avoid a joint replacement such as a knee or hip, then you may have done the typical cortisone shots, or even the powerful injections called Hyalgan or Synvisc. These are great tools that can give life back to the joints by using the tried and true tested hyaluronic acid to help build a healthier more stable joint. However there is a new sheriff in town. The FDA has recently cleared stem cell therapy for use from our fat cells. It is then re-administered into the troubled area to help regrow tissue with amazing results. 

Here are some options for improving joint health, alleviating arthritis, and helping to stabilize and even repair difficult joints. 

1.Great Nutrition Including Omega 3 Fats
Research shows that using about 45 g of fish oil per day for 6 months can be helpful for lowering inflammation

2.Adding Collagen
There is a new craze going with eating collagen to improve joint health. You can add it to your daily meals and the results are remarkable at what it does to help support overall joint health. 

3.Keep Moving
With any joint pain, just don’t stop moving. Find ways to keep your joints healthy by continuing to exercise for empowering your health

4.Hyaluronic Injections
These have various names and are covered by insurance companies. Just ask our team and we can help. These are usually in a series of a few injections, can rebuild the joint, and give quality back to your life. 

5.Stem Cell Therapy
This new technology uses your own cells to help rebuild what was lost. By extracting some of your own fat cells, you can then re-administer these cells into the troubled area. The results are absolutely groundbreaking

The Top 5 Natural Ways To Battle Rheumatoid Arthritis

Joint Health - The Top 5 Natural Ways To Battle Rheumatoid Arthritis

Have you ever experienced joint pain? Many Americans struggle with arthritis, joint pain, and the autoimmune form of arthritis called RA or rheumatoid arthritis. All of these hurt, all of these are uncomfortable, and all of these cause a level of discomfort to our daily lives. So what do we do? Do we just call it genetics? DO we just call it what has been passed down from Grandma and Grandpa? Or do we see how there are many natural ways to battle these forms of arthritis? I want to focus on the most difficult version of all of these, rheumatoid arthritis. RA as its called is a form of an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune just means that the body’s own immune system has decided that the joints are an invader of the body and the immune system actually starts attacking our joints. Weird isn’t it? However it is a real condition. As time goes on, the joints can break down to the point where there is a deformation of particular joints such as the hands. Hopefully you are reading this before that time has come. Catching rheumatoid arthritis early is the key. There are so many ways to support this condition in a lifestyle-oriented manner. 

Here are some natural lifestyle methods to help support and battle the challenges of RA. Keep in mind with any autoimmune disease such as RA, lupus, or Hashimoto’s, that the autoimmune condition is typically not going away. However, I always compare it to a light switch. Once you turn the light switch on, you may not be able to turn it off. However, there is the ability to add a dimmer switch to keep the light levels down. So even though the condition is there, there is hope to keep the symptoms down. That is how you battle it. And that is how you win. So lets look at some ways to add some new lifestyle choices into your daily routine. 

1.Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods 
This is the golden rule. You can’t do anything in health without great nutrition. It all starts with what we eat. Follow the foods in our coaching system eating plan. 

2.Use Tart Cherry Juice 
I can’t tell you how many people I have personally seen benefit from using tart cherry juice. The research is nothing short of amazing. I have used it clinically with patients with RA and seen dramatic results. Reducing inflammation and joint pain are some just some of the amazing healing benefits of tart cherry juice. Cheribundi is the one we use.

3.Get Moving 
Forever science has been saying don’t do it if it hurts when it comes to arthritis. Now we know differently. You have to move the body…daily. So if it hurts to run, swim or bike. If it hurts to lift weight use bands and balls. Whatever you have to do, get moving. It is vital for your success

4.Check Your Fatty Acids 
This is a key. In medicine we simply don’t check what our fatty acid levels are, yet it makes up the majority of how our body functions. We must know our omega 3 fat levels to have any success with any autoimmune health challenge. These key fats make up every cell wall in our bodies. They are essential for all functions. If you want to get them tested, we test them in our advanced coaching system. 

5.Determine Your Immune Pathway 
There is a simple test that we use in our coaching system that will help you learn the exact pathway for the autoimmune to be suppressed. Certain foods can keep the symptoms to a minimum and give you ultimate relief and better quality of life. 

If you want more information or a complimentary consultation with our Health Coaching system please lets us know and one of our team members will be glad to help!