Bone & Joint Health


“What exactly are ergonomics?” I hear you ask. “And what do they have to do with bones and joints?” It’s what happens when engineering meets physiology and psychology. In the context of the musculoskeletal system, it’s about trying to prevent problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, and back pain. Specifically, ergonomics involves scientists …

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Joint Replacement

You’ve tried all the other, less dramatic treatments but they haven’t worked. Your joints are still painful, and your mobility is still limited. Replacement arthroplasty, most commonly known as joint replacement surgery, may be the best remaining option. We have a New York surgeon called Stephen S. Hudack to thank for joint replacement therapy. He …

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If you have a problem with your bones or joints that is so serious that you need medical intervention, you’re likely going to be heading to an orthopedic specialist. This might mean surgery, but it can also involve physical therapy, medication, mobility aids, exercises and complementary therapies such as acupuncture. Originally, orthopedics focused on children, …

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Let’s talk about something that isn’t actually a bone or a joint but is vital to them staying in good working order. That’s your cartilage, a type of connective tissue found throughout the body, often at the ends of or between bones, where it helps protect them from harm. Some fish have entire skeletons made …

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Joint Pain

Life takes its toll on the body, and when it comes to everyday aches and pains, a lot of the burden is going to fall on the joints. After all, they’re responsible for movement, carrying weight, and all the pressures that go with that. No wonder joint pain is so common! Older people are more …

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