Recovery & Performance


Surgery is meant to fix things, right? When part of you is broken or not working properly, it restores it to normal… except no one just jumps back up after a major surgery. There’s a recovery period first. You’re probably going to be really tired in the first few days after an operation, especially if …

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Eating Right

When you’re not well, even the simplest tasks can become impossible challenges, and that includes eating right. When you’re lacking energy and feeling queasy, you can lose your appetite. Going to all the effort of preparing a meal is certainly out of the question. This is a problem because if you’re not getting the nutrients …

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What Comes After

Hi folks! Are you ready for some more health advice? I’m here to help you make sense of the complicated terms and scientific guidance that come with any aspect of health and fitness. I want to make your life simpler and help you get healthier. Today, that means we’re talking about recovery. Whether you’ve recently …

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