The Power of Why

Performance - The Power of Why

Ultimately when I talk with people, I consistently hear how they want to be at the top level possible for their lives. It doesn’t matter what that might be, a great parent, better at work, a better athlete. Whatever that might be, we all want to be at our best. I have come to learn that our bodies breaking down are a direct result of our mind breaking down first. The way we think directly determines the way that we live. It all begins with knowing why we are here. It begins with knowing who we are. And it begins with the power of knowing your “why”. Many of the disease and health challenges that we face today are diet and lifestyle related. That lifestyle component is the essential to making the largest impact. It’s about our choices. The way we think and the actions that we take each day will determine our health and vitality. When you know yourself and you know your why, then life changes for you. You have to believe that you are designed for more. Every one of us has amazing gifts, talents, and abilities that can impact our families and this generation. However, to make this happen, we must know our why. Here are the basics to figure out your why. 

1.What Are You Great At
Look back at your life. What have you been really great at doing? What were you knowingly not that great at doing? Your Why will always be found in your strengths. 

2. What Gives You Energy
When you do certain activities or jobs have you ever noticed that it didn’t feel like work? And other jobs felt like you were about to fall over from exhaustion? Find what gives you energy and make it happen. 

3.What Do Others Notice
Have you ever listened to those around you? What are they telling you that they notice that you are great at. Pay attention to what even strangers say. Many times they will tell you what you are best at from a very different perspective. 

4.What Makes You Snap Out Of Bed
Do you lay around to hit the snooze button, or are you ready to leap out of bed and take on the day. If you are in your Why, then you can’t wait to get up and get after it. If you are struggling to get up and go, it might be time to reconsider your current path. 

5.What Fulfills You
Listen, yes we all have to earn money at what we do. However, there is a direct correlation to our health and our happiness. Happiness is usually found at its highest level in our fulfillment. Our health will be at its highest level when we are in a place where we can contribute.

Losing Weight Made Easy

Fitness - Losing Weight Made Easy

Is losing weight really easy? You bet it is. I know you are thinking how is that possible with so many weight loss plans and programs claiming to help you lose the weight. The truth is that most all of them work. There are some basic principles that you need to understand to help the process. Our bodies are amazing creations. As quickly as we can gain weight and get out of shape quickly, we can also lose the weight and get back where we need to be. I am going to show you some of the essentials for losing the weight that you want. The first principle is that you must make a decision that you want to lose the weight. Why? Because 20% of the weight loss game is the latest guru’s diet plan, and the other 80% is the psychology. That is what makes me tick. Just like on my radio show, I am intrigued with the field of psychology. It was my major in college, along with pre-med, and I have always enjoyed learning human behavior and why we do what we do. 

So after you have a made up mind, then here are the keys. 

1.Get Committed
You have to be committed. No excuses. Starting Monday or in the summer, or when you are back from vacation. Listen, it will never happen. Why? Because it hasn’t been happening! So start now. Right now. Like go eat a healthy meal now and go walk for 30 minutes today. Even with your busy schedule. If your doctor told you that you had stage 4 cancer – I bet you would panic and start now. 

2.Exercise 6 Days Per Week
It doesn’t matter what you do, but do something. Get out and get moving. You have to. Your body was designed to move and if you continue to sit all day long, research shows that we will be heavier and shorten our lifespan

3.Focus On Eating Healthy 5-6 Meals Per Day
There is much debate about this. Fad diets are everywhere. Fasting is hot. Ketogenic is a trend. I have had raging success with people, including myself, at eating 6 small meals per day. There is a system for it, and it has to be customized for you. The anti-inflammatory diet is a key example. 

4.Drink A LOT of Water
Hydration is the key. It is proven that when we drink plenty of water, our body increases its ability to burn fat. We also massively increase our health. If you like drinking tea, you can count it as your water intake, just don’t add any sugar or artificial sweeteners for empowering your health

5.Naturally Supplement Your Diet
I believe that nutritional deficiencies are some of the greatest challenges that we face with our health. Studies have shown that much of our soil is depleted of essential minerals. A good 90 plus nutrients are needed to essentially give us all that we need each day. Our food is great buy we must use something to fill in the gaps with our health. You always want to start with a good whole food based multi-vitamin like Multi-Balance.

5 Reasons Why You Can Reach Your Potential

Behavioral Health - 5 Reasons Why You Can Reach Your Potential

Have you ever stopped to think about what your potential is? I asked someone very close to me once about what they believed their reason for living and what their greatest gift and talent was. They couldn’t even answer the question and they were almost 50 years of age! That has been the question that I ask people when I am on the radio, tv, or speaking at live events. Who are you? Why are you here? What talent were you given? Are you using that talent to it’s fullest? Or another way of saying this is…Are you reaching your potential? Many people have never stopped to think about that very question. When it comes to your health nothing is more important than the mental aspect. The CDC says that 85% of the root cause of most health challenges has to do with emotional toxicity and environmental toxicity. Much of what holds us back is in our minds. I have discovered that a large part of this is found in a person not really knowing who they are and why they are here. We hear of the term grief when we think about mourning a loss of a loved one, or something devastating. However, many people live with grief each day and regret because they could have been more in their life. The one thing you can never get back is time. So how do we reach our potential? You have to do several action steps to make it happen.

Listen, I can talk on my radio show about how to lower your blood pressure, lower blood sugar, lose weight, balance hormones, have more energy, and get your physical health on track. That’s the easy part. For the most part, your health is where it is right now because of your emotional state. Let’s get to work on that. 

1.Define What You Are Good At 
We are all great at something. Think for a moment at what comes the easiest to you. For example, I had to study extra hard in school to attain 3 doctorates. It wasn’t easy, but quite painful actually. However, the day I stood up in front of 10,000 people and delivered a message, it was the easiest and most natural thing I had ever done. And I never took a class for it, never studied for it. I was naturally talented at it. You have to find your strength and work it for empowering your health

2.Work At It 
You have to work at what you are great at and get even better. Your gift will carry you, but you must stay at it and develop it. 

3.Train Your Thinking 
We become what we think about all day long. To reach your potential you must control how you think. Your thoughts will determine your overall success. And this is especially true with your health. 

4.Take Care Of Your Body 
This is where your health comes in. Many people lose their health in life because they don’t have a strong enough of a “Why”. What is your WHY? Find it. You have to. Because when you have a strong enough of a WHY, like your family, or your kids, then lowering blood pressure with better lifestyle choices becomes easy. Get it? 

5.Be Consistent 
Who won the race? The tortoise or the hare? If you don’t remember, go read it again. Life is a marathon and not a sprint, although you need to sprint each day to win. The marathon is staying with your main gift and talent. Never stop using it to serve others. The sprint is going at it hard every day and never letting up. 

Outside of many of the genetic diseases, health is typically easy to attain and maintain if you have the right foundation. To reach your potential it starts with knowing who you are and why you are here. Everything else will fall into place from there.

Stopping The Aches and Pains

Joint Health - Stopping The Aches and Pains

Do you really believe that as you get older you thighs should just hurt? That’s what we are told by many articles and medical science. And for many people that can be the case. However, it is possible to live a life free of pain and have great mobility. It really comes down to the lifestyle choices that we make every single day. Our choices determine our overall health. Many times we are not getting the essential nutrients that we need to really thrive. When it comes to arthritis, joint health, and if we hurt or not, there are some basic tools that we need to follow each day. The first is to realize that the structure of our body with our bones, muscles, and nerves are essential to our quality of life. Arthritis and the degeneration of the specific tissues are partially due to some wear and tear, however, that tends to be overused in my opinion. We are in charge of our health more than anything else. Let’s look at the best ways to manage our body to avoid the typical aches and pains for empowering your health

1.Get Moving 
I get asked often, what if I hurt? Even if you hurt. Find an exercise that works. If your hip hurts, then swim. If your knee hurts, then swim. If your back hurts, ride a stationary bike. If you can lift weights, then do that. You have to find an activity that you can handle. Research tells us its all about how we move every day. 

2.Get More Minerals 
We are heavily mineral deficient. It’s just the truth. We are not getting enough of what we need every day. Get checked for what you are deficient in and get the best nutrition to support it. A good multi-mineral is good for helping in this area.

3.Increase Healthy Fats 
Fats are not the enemy. As a matter of fact, many people that struggle with aches and pains are really dealing with excess inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids found in foods such as fish, are vital in this area. 

4.Got Greens? 
Thought I was going to say milk? Not so fast. We are green vegetable deficient. Actually 1 cup of spinach or kale has as much calcium as a glass of milk. We need our greens for all of the rich mineral content they contain. If you struggle with getting your greens, there is an organic greens supplement that I use that tastes amazing. 

5. Get Better Sleep 

Did you know that there is actually a arthritis condition due to lack of sleep? When we don’t sleep there are factors in the body that can cause us to ache more, even if we don’t have any form of arthritis! Make sure to follow a great plan for better sleep.

Maintaining Your Memory

Brain Health - Maintaining Your Memory

If you haven’t noticed lately, the rise of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia is in full swing. We have seen a marked increase in the last decade. There are some very specific reasons that we are seeing this in many over the age of 65. Memory and healthy cognition are the essentials that we need to stay sharp and stay on top of our game. Our body is what carries us, but our mind is what establishes us. There are some key factors into keeping your brain healthy and strong for years to come. The first to know is to make sure you have an amazing lifestyle plan. In my television show recently I talked about how our brain health is determined by what we do every single day. As I learn more and think about the bigger picture, I realize how every aspect of how we live makes the ultimate difference. The stress that we learn to manage, our daily nutrition, and daily habits are what will impact our brain health the most. So here are some of the basics that we know can help. 

1.Eat More Fat
Omega 3 fatty acids are the shield for your brain. We have been so scared of fats for so long. The omega 3 fats will help support overall brain health and keep your memory and cognition very high. I take at least 15 grams every day. ( that’s about 15 capsules or 1 tablespoon!) 

2.Read More
We have to read. It exercises our brain and keeps it pumped like a muscle. We are slowly turning into a video society with the digital era. Make sure to read at least 30 minutes a day. Billionaire Warren Buffet reads 4-6 hours per day. What does that tell you? 

You have to get moving. Any form of consistent exercise over about a 15-30 minute interval can make the greatest impact over 5-6 days per week. 

4.Consider Natural Supplements – Nootropics
This is the new buzz. Smart drugs as they are called. There are natural versions of herbals that can help improve memory, increase cognition, and in some university studies, have shown to reduce and even potentially reverse the symptoms in Alzheimers. 

5.Drink More Water
In a recent show, I mentioned that just a 17 oz loss of water is enough to cause a marked rise in cortisol, a stress hormone, and reduce brain cognition. Keep your water intake up and keep your brain working at peak capacity.

Why You Can’t Sleep

Sleep - Why You Can’t Sleep

If you follow much on social media these days you will constantly see the personalities saying to hustle and grind. Don’t sleep. If you are successful, then you must only sleep 4 hours per night, right? No so fast. Sleep is one of the most overlooked keys in achieving optimal health. We must sleep. Sleep is the key to how we win in our daily lives. The ultimate secret to getting great sleep is found in some basic areas that we have found in science. The reason that sleep is important is that is when the body is regenerating for the next day, however, that is also when the body is eliminating toxins from the previous day. Even if you are eating an anti-inflammatory diet any people that struggle with anxiety and depression do so because they can’t sleep. They can’t sleep because when we sleep, we also dump and eliminate our emotional toxins as well. 

Ever hear the phrase, “joy comes in the morning?” 

It is true. Our sleep is a form of daily medicine that can help us thrive in the middle of all that we do. We get sick for 2 main reasons according to the CDC. I get asked often about sleep. We lose our health due to emotional toxicity and environmental toxins. Both of these are heavily worked on by the body during our sleep time. So lets dive into why you can’t sleep and how to overcome it. 

1.You Can’t Forgive
Bingo. This is the big one. We all have hurts. We all have pain. When we hold on the unforgiveness, then we place ourselves in a prison. Learn to forgive whoever for whatever. You will immediately reap the benefits in your sleep. 

2.You Are On Your Device At Night
Our sleep hormones like melatonin are heavily affected by the blue light that comes off of our phones and computer screens. Shut it down after 9 and don’t carry it into bed. 

3.You Don’t Eat Before Bed
What!? Yes, eating before bed is a great habit. When we sleep, our blood sugar can drop and impact our ability to stay asleep. This doesn’t mean eat some ice cream every night. The best choices are 2 eggs, a handful of nuts, a protein shake with water, or some other kind of protein or fat just before bed. This will stabilize the blood sugar and also help you stay fast asleep. Also magnesium tends to be a key mineral we are deficient in. A good overall mineral complex blend like our Mineral Balance will help be a great support for better sleep. 

Follow these simple steps and aim to get your sleep for 6-8 solid hours per night. It will make an amazing difference in your health !

How To Melt The Stubborn Body Fat

Fitness - How To Melt The Stubborn Body Fat

Have you ever wondered why the fat just won’t come off the midsection? Or maybe it’s the triceps, or the hips and thighs? Wherever the stubborn area is for you, all you know is that it is frustrating. Right? Is it genetics? Are you destined to have these trouble areas? There is a science to melting away the body fat. The key is to have a custom designed system for your body. There are important key factors that will help you melt away the body fat when you follow these proven rules. It is more than just exercise all day, cut your calories, and hope for the best. Let’s look at the proven steps to really make it happen for empowering your health

1.Get Your Free Hormones Checked
This is the absolute key. Typical blood tests show you how much of the hormone is being absorbed into the cell. There are tests available to help you figure out how much of the hormone is actually being produced. The production is the key. Many times you can have hormones that are not being produced and others that are being over produced. It’s important to make sure these are regulated. 

2.Check All 3 Estrogens
When you test the hormones, make sure to check all the estrogens including estrone, estriol, and estradiol. Each one of these estrogens store body fat in different areas such as the waistline, and hips and thighs. There are ways to moderate and balance these different hormones naturally using better lifestyle methods. 

3.Eat 25-30% Healthy Fats
I get asked this on my radio show often. Here is the key. The monounsaturated fats like macadamia nuts, saturated fats like coconut oil, and high omega 3 fats such as fish oil, will make the greatest impact on the hormones. Even though most all of the nuts have great health benefits, the macadamia nuts, for example, top the charts as impacting the hormones the best. What about saturated fat? Clogs the arteries? Not so fast. We need clean saturated fats at slight levels to complement the other fats and their absorption. 

4.Exercise 5-6 Days per week.
Just do something. Walk, run, jog, lift weights, play tennis. Move for just 15 minutes a day consistently. And please don’t say you walk your dog or do gardening. That doesn’t count! 

5.Manage Cortisol
Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It is a powerful hormone that can cause excess fat storage in the midsection. There are some easy tests that can be run to see what the levels are and how to keep them in the proper rhythm. Sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mental stress are all factors in helping to keep this area from being the culprit in you reaching your goals.

Reverse Diabetes

Blood Sugar - Reverse Diabetes

Is it really possible? Diabetes is a leading health challenge that many are facing today. As a matter of fact, 366 million people globally have this condition. It’s becoming an epidemic. The challenge is that when you get diagnosed it can get pretty scary. You hear certain complications that can arise such as peripheral neuropathy, blindness, and even losing a limb. However there is hope. Diabetes is one of the most reversible health challenges we have today. It is possible to beat it. To Reverse it. Let’s look at the differences between the types of diabetes and what we can do to win. 

There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 used to be called Juvenile Diabetes. It has a strong genetic link and is an autoimmune condition. That means that the body thinks something is wrong with the pancreas, and is in a constant state of attacking the cells. This individual is usually on some form of consistent insulin to manage the condition. 

The next and most common form of diabetes is type 2. This has less of a genetic link and has more to do with our lifestyle choices. The great news is that it is the most reversible. The scientific community used to call the Adult-Onset Diabetes. They dropped it after they found out that 1 of 3 of our young people under the age of 11 have type 2. Absolutely crazy! Our kids are almost facing this disease in greater capacity than adults. We have to do something! And we can. 

So how do you beat diabetes? It’s with your daily choices. And I assure you it is not difficult. You just have to put in the work. Let’s look at some of the steps we use in our Health Coach System that I developed to see people win the battle against Diabetes. 

1.Combine Food Properly 
Most likely your eating habits have led you down this path. However, they can also be your best medicine! Set a goal that every time you eat a carbohydrate, like a fruit or vegetable, you will always have a protein of fat with that meal. The protein and the fat will offset most blood sugar release. So if you eat an apple, have a piece of fish or a handful of almonds with it. 

2.Exercise is Essential 
You have to get out and move. I don’t care what your excuse may be. If you don’t move, you will not win. On the radio I constantly say set a goal to have at least 10 minutes of some form of activity 6 days per week. All the current studies show us that exercise, in any form, improves insulin sensitivity. 

3. Get Your Sleep 
Sleep is vital for the body to repair. Set your sights on getting 6-8 hours per night. This needs to be uninterrupted sleep. There is an entire nutritional protocol for sleep HERE 

4.Get Rid Of The Drama 
Get all negativity out of your life. Negative people, negative situations, and anything that resembles it. Stress is one of the leading causes of many of the health challenges that we face today. As a matter of fact the CDC noted that 85% of the root cause of most disease is rooted in our emotions. Think about that for empowering your health

5.Use Supplements 
There are so many vital nutritional supplements that can help you win. Start with the foundational four which is (HERE). Also, there are combination formulas for blood sugar support like (this). Turmeric is also important for lowering the inflammation in the body. The reason we need nutritional supplements is because our soil is so heavily depleted, that we just don’t get everything that we need out of our food supply.

You can win this battle! It just takes some strategic planning. I would suggest to having some form of lab work testing to check all of your vital key nutritional areas and make sure there are no deficiencies. Diabetes is a lifestyle-based condition. That’s great news because it gives us the hope to know we can lifestyle our way out.

The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Behavioral Health - The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

One of the top questions that seems to come my way is why people can’t lose the weight. It seems like everyone is looking for the latest silver bullet and diet solution. I met a businessman on a flight the other day and he asked what I did. Of course I explained and he got excited and said, ”I have been wanting to lose this gut and some of the extra pounds. He asked if I could help. Of course, I said. So I asked him some basic questions and it came down to food choices. Now this guy was on about 5 different medications ranging from blood pressure to blood sugar. Amazing, but typical. When I told him that he would need to give up the donuts for breakfast every day as a starter, you would have thought I asked him to shoot his dog. The conversation quickly ended as I told him that unless he can get out of his own way, he would never reach his health goals.

I’m pretty hard when it comes to whining. If you are asking me to play “patty cake” with you to make you feel good, you came to the wrong doc. I want to see you do well. I want to see you live healthier than ever before. I wan to see you lose the weight. I want to see you thrive. There are reasons that you are not losing the weight for empowering your health. Legitimate ones.

Many times it is our poor daily habits that are holding us back. Deciding that you want to get well is the absolute key to living the life you want to live. So when it comes to losing weight we have a saying in our organization. 

“Pursue health, and the body that you want will follow.” 

With weight loss this stands true. When you focus on your goal of lowering blood sugar, or having better cholesterol, or reducing inflammation, then the body will respond in many other ways including hitting your target weight goals

Let’s look at some steps to help you get there. 

1.Create Your Target 
Know your number. If you want to be 150 lbs then write it down. There is power in writing it down and putting it in front of you. People will tell me what they would “like” to have. Decide what you WANT, not what you would LIKE. Make it happen.

2.Create Habits 
On the radio I mention often, you are a sum total of the thoughts you have every day, and the actions that you take. It will take approximately 67 days to create your new habit of eating healthy, exercising, or sleeping better. So get started. 

3.Create Better Thinking 
Your self -talk is powerful. Make sure you write down how you are going to talk to yourself every day. You take control. Rather than saying I’ll never lose weight. Ill always be fat, I’ll never get off the medicine. Guess what, science has proven that if you keep that type of talk up, then you won’t hit your goals. Start with saying, I will lose this weight and hit my target of 150 lbs. 

4.Create Better Relationships 
You are a sum total of who you hang out with. Getting the family and friends on board with your goals and success in weight loss is very important. Get everyone on the same page. Or create your own book. 

5.Create The Vision 
Where there is no vision, there is no victory. Create the perfect idea of what you want your health to look like. Now go after it. You must EN-vision your vision. It is the most important piece for building a health coach mindset for success.. 

The Top 5 Natural Blood Sugar Solutions

Blood Sugar - The Top 5 Natural Blood Sugar Solutions

Diabetes has taken our country by storm. The obesity rates are now reaching epidemic numbers. Seventy percent of America is overweight and almost forty percent is obese. For the most part, our diet and lifestyle are the root cause of these numbers. It’s not our family history and genetics causing this to happen, but rather our ability to make better choices. The great news is there are some simple ways to win the battle when is comes to blood sugar and they are helpful when the body has broken down to the point of hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes, and even type 2 diabetes. The way we eat, exercise, and even think has more to do with our blood sugar than we can imagine. As a matter of fact, researchers are even learning that our environment is playing a major role in the outcome of our blood sugar numbers. So what can we do to help stabilize and even reverse these types of health challenges?

The power lies in your ability to ask the right questions and then make great lifestyle choices. With blood sugar issues we know that we must create some level of consistency in our habits. So let’s dive into the top 5 natural ways to support healthy blood sugar. 

1.Eat 5-6 Meals Per Day 
Typically our health coaches would say that we now know that eating more frequent smaller meals throughout the day can help stabilize blood sugar levels. But what does that look like? The goal is to balance out your carbohydrate (such as fruit, brown rice, sweet potato, vegetable) with either a protein (chicken, beef, fish, eggs, etc) or a fat(nuts, seeds, avocado, oils). The reason is that the protein and fat help to balance the blood sugar of the carbohydrate before it ever gets started going in the wrong direction. 

This is a must. No more excuses. You have to get moving. Now I am an exercise fanatic. I really do enjoy it. So I realize it’s easier said than done. However, if you really want results, exercise has to be woven into your lifestyle. The best way to do this is to just start. Start walking 10 minutes per day. That’s it. But do it every day and watch what happens to your blood sugar levels when you check it just after 1 week. 

3.Drink Cinnamon Tea 
Easy to do. Just take hot water, and add ½ teaspoon of organic cinnamon to the water. Drink just before your meals. Research is so strong on the benefits of cinnamon that they compared it to some of the conventional medications. 

4.Eat More Fat 
Blood sugar can be slowed down and even managed better when we have more fats in our diet. Don’t worry. Fat doesn’t make you fat, if it is the right kind. Your fat intake should be about 30% of your calories for empowering your health

5.Check Your A1c 
So listen, without a doubt, here is power in the blood. The hemoglobin A1c is the powerhouse indicator. The A1c should be 4.8 or less to show that you are not becoming insulin resistant. If you are above that number, you need serious help with your eating and lifestyle game plan.