Very few things in life are as stressful as having a baby. Even if the pregnancy goes completely smoothly, you have good doctors and a supportive network of friends and family, and there are no financial worries to complicate things, everyone’s likely to experience some rocky emotions. Sometimes, though, it’s not just a reaction to …

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Artificial Pancreas

Do we have any scientists in the audience? Those of you who follow the medical and technical developments in the treatment of diabetes may be familiar with the concept of the artificial pancreas, an increasingly viable option for diabetes management. The pancreas is the organ that’s meant to produce insulin. If it doesn’t, you’re in …

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You’ve probably heard doctors warning about the dangers of high blood pressure. I’ve talked before about the risk it can pose to your health. It’s true everyone should be careful with their blood pressure, but for some people, awareness can be particularly important. That includes if you’re pregnant. If you have a history of hypertension …

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