Dubslabs Bedphones Sleep Headphones

There’s no denying headphones can be useful – at least when they stay in your ears and don’t make you uncomfortable. Dubslabs Bedphones are designed for a very specific purpose: to help you sleep. Just how well do they do that (https://longevity.technology/lifestyle/product-review-dubslabs-bedphones-headphones/)? Some people wear headphones because they want to listen to music and they […]

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

You might think that continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is something only for people with diabetes. After all, they’re the ones facing potentially fatal consequences if they get it wrong. However, even if you haven’t been diagnosed with a sometimes life-threatening disease, it can be useful to know what’s going on with your blood sugar (https://longevity.technology/lifestyle/controlling-blood-sugar-through-cgm/).

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Pro-Inflammatory Diets

Inflammation: It’s the bane of anyone trying to boost their longevity. You’re probably not looking for a pro-inflammatory diet, but it can be hard to avoid the things that cause that kind of reaction. Do you know what foods are considered pro-inflammatory? And what exactly is it that makes them troublesome (https://longevity.technology/lifestyle/pro-inflammatory-diets-contribute-to-increased-heart-failure-biomarkers/)? You probably already

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You may have realized by now that exercise isn’t simple. It comes in a thousand forms, each focusing on a different aspect of your body or fitness, and there’s no one configuration that works for everyone. With that in mind, some of you may be wondering if Tabata is the path for you. Others may

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Changing Perceptions

Improving society and health isn’t just about finding the right scientific breakthrough. It’s also about changing perceptions. Sometimes we’re limited in what we think is possible or in who we think can make a meaningful contribution. The push for more open-mindedness is an important one (https://longevity.technology/news/new-longevity-fund-aims-to-change-perceptions-as-much-as-outcomes/). Longevity research still starts from the premise that once

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Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Cells serve many different roles in the body and can come in many forms. When we talk about longevity, we tend to talk about senescent cells, or those that deteriorate and malfunction as they age. Now researchers are investigating the opposite: cells that last longer than others and have regenerative properties (https://longevity.technology/news/new-insights-into-the-longevity-of-blood-stem-cells/). The cells we’re

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Pretty much every part of the body starts to slow down and work less effectively as we grow older. That includes the immune system, which is pretty problematic when we rely on it to keep us free of disease. Supplements may be one way to boost the aging immune system, with the latest research pointing

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