All The Wearables

I talk a lot about the many different wearables that are now on the market: the watches, the rings, the sunglasses and who knows what else. Health tracking is fashionable, and every company is trying to refine its own monitoring devices. Then there’s Ultrahuman, which seems to be making a serious effort to bring every […]

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Biomarker For Happiness

There are biomarkers for everything these days, covering all aspects of our bodies and health. Still, the idea that there could be a biomarker for happiness seems far-fetched… unless you’re Matter Neuroscience. They’ve just secured the funding to try to prove it ( Happiness can seem like an ephemeral concept. It looks different for every

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Longevity Chews

Tablets, capsules, powders, potions and more… Supplements come in all forms, from the ones we swallow to those that are rubbed or even injected into our skin. If none of those methods appeal to you, well, perhaps you’d rather get your teeth into the latest NOVOS supplement, which has been delivered as a chew (

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A significant amount of care work for elderly people is taken on by their family members. They’re unpaid, they have no or minimal training, and if something goes wrong, there’s not much in the way of backup. Carewell is one company trying to ease the load just a little bit ( Carewell is a family

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Corneal Opacity

More than a million people experience corneal opacity every year. In its most severe cases, it can lead to blindness. There are already a few possible treatments of varying effectiveness, and now it looks like one more could be on the way. An Indian biotech company by the name of Pandorum Technologies has secured funding

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Amazfit Balance

There are so many smartwatches currently on the market, and with more being added all the time, it can seem impossible to choose which is the best. I’m here to try to talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of specific devices, in this case the Amazfit Balance by Zepp Health ( So, what makes

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Box Breathing

When you’re stressed, or even if you’re feeling OK but want to test out the potential benefits of meditation, one of the main things experts will tell you is to work on your breathing. That’s fine, but how exactly do you control your breath until you’re clear-headed and relaxed? Consider box breathing ( There are

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Most people like a little bit of sweetness in their diet sometimes. For many of us, that means sugar, but for people with diabetes, it’s not so simple. The quest for a suitable substation that won’t affect glucose levels is an ongoing one. One of the newest and most exciting options is allulose. Allulose is

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