How You Think

Behavioral Health - How You Think

Did you ever realize that how you think determines much about how you live? Our thoughts have amazing power. As a matter of fact, if you look at where someone is in life, relationally, financially, and with their health, then you will see the sum total of their thoughts. So as a person thinks in their heart, so they will become. That has been the secret of the ages. When it comes to our health, it is no different, our health is determined by how we think every single day. When you think about making great choices, guess what? You will end up making great choices.

Sow a thought, reap an action

Sow an action, reap a habit

Sow a habit, reap a character

Sow a character, reap a lifestyle

Our thought patterns are really that simple. Why am I telling you this? Because the National Institutes of Health tell us in several research articles that our health is determined by our behavior more than anything else. It is responsible for over 50 percent of how our health will ultimately turn out. My challenge to you is to watch your thoughts. Begin thinking about how you can upgrade your thinking to become better than you were yesterday.

So what is a great way to start?

1. Pay Attention To Your Words 

Words will come true. Watch what you say and how you say it. Our words come from our heart. And you want to make sure what is in your heart is full of life, not death.

2. Take 10 In Your Morning Routine

We are a product of our routine. Every morning I take 10 minutes, no matter what. In those 10 minutes I do 3 things. For about 3 minutes I tell God what I am so grateful for. Then another 3 minutes to pray for those that are on my heart. Then the last 3-4 minutes I focus on where I believe God wants me to go, to do, and whom to serve. This would be your goals and your purpose.

3. Read 30 Minutes Daily

Don’t ever miss. This will begin to teach you and shape you. Make sure to spend at least this time on books that will challenge you to grow.

4. Spend Time With People Ahead of You

You will become who you hang around. Make sure you are investing time with people that are where you want to go. Make sure you have something to give them in return.

Focus on these key areas to maximize your ability to produce the right kind of thoughts each and every day. Your thoughts will begin to shape your mind and ultimately your health.

How To Create Amazing Energy

Performance - How To Create Amazing Energy

To many, energy is life. When we have lowered energy levels life just becomes a little more difficult. Time with our families, kids, work responsibilities, and relationships tend to be the catalyst in us feeling lowered energy levels. So what can we do? It is just our “age?” Not so fast. There are many factors that can drain our energy levels. If you remove these barriers, many times you can jumpstart your energy to an entirely new level. Let’s look at what we can do.  

1.Avoid The Drama 
Nothing will pull your energy levels down more than drama in your life. Negative friends, colleagues, and many times family will be the ones that pull you down. Do you best to eliminate the drama. If its not family, then cut it off, it’s just not worth it. If it’s family, then make the time extremely limited. Your energy will skyrocket after that. 

2.Avoid the Whites 
Ok easy, that’s not a political statement. Yes I’m talking about the white processed foods. White flour, white sugar, and any processed food which has the strong ability to steal your energy. Focus on eating whole foods. If there is a long list of ingredients, it’s probably processed too much.

3.Avoid Sitting Too Much 
We have to move. We are designed to move. Exercise may be difficult to get into the habit of, but the lack of exercise is robbing you of valuable energy levels. Set a goal to move at least 15 minutes 6 days per week of continuous exercise for empowering your health

4.Avoid Sleeping Too Little 
We must get great rest. It is vital for so many functions inside the body. Set a goal to get into a deep stage of sleep and maintain a great sleep schedule for 6-8 hours per night. You might just find that you don’t need the morning coffee when you wake up. 

5.Avoid Being Dehydrated 
We are made of 70% water. Remember that by the time you are thirsty, you have already been dehydrated for close to an hour. We must drink water continually. Yes you will pee a lot. It’s ok. What about the alternative? Aim for half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day and watch your energy levels shoot to the sky.

What Is The Best Diet?

Diet and Weight Loss - What Is The Best Diet?

A question that I receive often is “what is the best diet to follow?” There are many diets out there. I really like to think of diets as more of an eating plan. It’s really more of a strategy of how to eat every day. Our lifestyle really determines our choices every day. And your eating habits are exactly that – habits. So when you look at all the FAD diets out there, which one is the best? Let’s take a look at the keys to a successful eating and dietary plan the first point to understand is that for the most part, all diets work. They all have great principles that can help you get into great health and lose weight. Whether its ketogenic, intermittent fasting, high carb, low carb, high protein, low protein, plant-based, etc, there are good principles that can be gleaned from many of them. I teach and have always been an advocate of my developed Anti-Inflammatory Diet. The principles look like this: 

1.Eat Equal Macro Portions 
The body likes to be in balance. Choose to eat equal amounts of lean quality proteins, low glycemic, high fiber carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Usually in the ratio of 33% with each of the macronutrients

2.Eat Plant-Based 
Eating plant-based has the best research behind the results. From the China Study to Dean Ornish, the research leans heavily for staying away from the Big 2, cancer and heart disease. Keep most of your food choices in the plant and whole food category. 

3.Eat More Fat 
The verdict is in. I don’t care how you cut it. The low fat, high carb 1980’s was a disaster. I can’t believe we did that for so long. I did it myself. Now diabetes has skyrocketed and other neurodegenerative disease has set in. My personal opinion and now with strong research is that we didn’t have the amount of healthy fats that our bodies need to thrive.

4.Get Enough Protein 
Eating enough protein, but not too much is essential. All of our cells are made of protein and we need to get enough. I like fish, eggs, and pea as my primary sources. If you do meat of any kind, really pay attention to the quality of what you are taking in. Grass-fed, hormone, and antibiotic free is the way to go for empowering your health

5.Eat Multiple Meals 
I eat almost 7-8 smaller meals per day. I believe that many people are malnourished and under eat. Take the elderly for example. Many times they begin to “fail” in health as we say in medicine, because they stop eating. Getting enough of the right kind of calories and foods is essential for long term weight loss goals and overall health.

The Top Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Success

Performance - The Top Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Success

When it comes to really living the life that you dream about, it really begins with your health. For many years health was always a secondary consideration. We work hard, take care of our families, and then food became the primary source of entertainment for so many. Obesity has been on the rise and now nearly forty percent of our country is obese, and nearly 70% is overweight! So what do we do? There is a crisis, but is it a genetic crisis? Or is it a crisis of discipline? Or is it a crisis at all. I believe it is a combination…however, I can tell you that after years of study and practice, so much of the quality of our health is in our hands. Let me show you what I mean our lifestyle is the most powerful weapon that we have to use every day for gaining better health. The choices that we make every day can and will determine the kind of health we are going to have. It’s really that simple. Trust me, 16 years of college, 3 doctorates, 2 board –certifications, and almost twenty years of practice later, that’s the bottom line. So what exactly does it take to be healthy? What does it really take to live well? It takes the “want to”. That is why most people don’t get serious about their health until they get diagnosed with something serious like cancer or a heart attack. So my challenge to you is get serious now. Don’t wait for something to happen. You go make it happen. 

Don’t be Average 

Be Savage 

Your health and quality of lifestyle depends on it. 

1.Eat Anti-Inflammatory Based Foods
Eating a plant-based diet with essential fatty acids and lean quality proteins will make one of the greatest impacts on your health. Keep it balanced and don’t get extreme in high protein or real low carb. Anti-Inflammatory Foods are the better choices. 

2.Get Quality Air 
I get asked often. Lung cancer is the number 1 killer in cancers, yet no one is talking about it. Depending where you live, air quality may be good or not so good. Regardless, anything is better than indoor air all day long. Make sure to set aside 30 minutes per day to get outside and just breathe. 

3.Drink More Water 
Our bodies are made of 70% water. Yet we are so dehydrated its not even funny. Make sure to follow the golden rule of health with half your bodyweight in ounces each day. 

4.Get Moving With More Exercise 
We sit too much. Don’t we? Driving, working, flying, riding, sleeping, watching TV, the list goes on. We have to move. Get 20-30 minutes per day of exercise regardless of what it is for empowering your health.

5.Control The Stress 
The old adage that either you control the day, or the day will control you is so true. When it comes to stress, many times we can’t avoid it. However, we can find new ways to help manage it. Learn how to have breaks and learn what keeps you from being overly stressed. Just make sure stress relief is not alcohol, smoking, junk food, and other destructive behavior. 

6.Get Quality Sleep 
It’s true. You must get great quality sleep. No matter who tells you it doesn’t matter, is not telling you the truth. Studies prove it, and we know it in the medical literature. I have found that for most people 6-8 hours seems to be the sweet spot. This means good quality sleep and not just laying in bed.

Increasing Your Attention Span

Brain Health - Increasing Your Attention Span

Attention tends to be the challenge of the day. It seems like more and more we are losing our focus to so many other things. So how do we get our brains to work better and focus on what is important? Get rid of your cell phone? Probably not going to happen. Nutrition plays an enormous role in how well our brain can maintain focus on a daily routine. You are what you eat has a brand new meaning when it comes to how well your body and brain can better connect and create better focus patterns. Let’s look at some of the natural ways you can create and maintain better focus and have more attention. To start, you must know that your daily routine will make the difference. You eating patterns, exercise discipline, and thought will make up the greatest portion of your success. Attention and focus are maintained in the frontal part of the brain. Without getting too technical, this is the primary area. Certain stressors can cause this part of the brain to not work as effectively as it potentially could. There are some keys that will make this area function at its greatest capacity. 

1.Use Caffeine
What? Yes caffeine is actually a compound that stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain. That is why many of the ADHD medications are heavy stimulants. However just slight amounts of caffeine, such as in green tea, can create the mild effect that will help these areas for empowering your health

2.Huperzine A
A natural herb that has been used in Europe for supporting better brain function and memory is widely available here as purchased as a supplement. 

3.Essential Fatty Acids
The healthy omega 3 fats that you hear so much about play an enormous role in overall brain health and can help you to increase your focus and attention. 

4.Keep Proteins at 30% of Calories
In our health coaching systems we teach that 30% is a good number for your proteins. If you are not getting enough protein, then you are not going to be able to support healthy brain function. Many of the anti-inflammatory proteins are listed in our basic program such as chicken, fish, eggs, and certain meats. 

For attention this is vital. Lack of sleep has been shown to cut back on how well we can focus and how well our brain can retain and process information. The typical goal is to get 6-8 hours of solid, uninterrupted, sleep. 

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Alleviating Allergies Naturally

Allergy - Alleviating Allergies Naturally

There is probably nothing that can disrupt our day more than dealing with a short burst of allergies, or even more challenging, chronic allergies. I always think about actor Will Smith in the movie “Hitch” where he ate some food that gave him such an allergic reaction, that his ear, nose, and face began to swell and he rushed into the drugstore to get an antihistamine. Whether it’s runny nose, itchy eyes, fatigue, or congestion, none of it is fun. So what can we do naturally? There are so many options when it comes to our health and allergies. First we have to look at what causes allergies in the first place. Allergies are usually started by the body’s inability to break down proteins. There are different reasons for this, however, it happens often to many. The proteins release a substance called histamine produced by the basophils or mast cells. This is what creates the reaction that we have to whatever we are allergic to such as foods, pets, pollen, chemicals, etc. So what can we do? There are some basics that will help you when dealing with allergies. Here can be a great place to start. And not only do I understand this due to years of working with people, but I took allergy shots for over 10 years as a youth and struggled tremendously with allergies. 

1.Consider Hydrochloric Acid 
After age 40 we start to lower our ability to be able to break down our proteins due to diminishing HCL in our digestive system. The lack of HCL causes our digestion to not work as effectively and can cause issues with allergies and poor digestion.

2.Apple Cider Vinegar 
It’s one of the oldest remedies that we have known that can be a great help for the body. A major key is that it helps with digestion of proteins. My favorite drink is seltzer water, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and stevia. 

3.Eliminate The Wheat and Dairy 
I get asked and no it’s not forever. Consider it for 8 weeks. These are the two categories of foods that can create the greatest challenge for people. By eliminating them, and then slowly adding them back in, you will be able to determine if they could be a culprit. 

The lymphatic system is on that can be a player in whether you are going to have issues with allergies or not. The more active you are, the more it pumps the lymphatic system. This will help the body push out more histamine and improve digestion. 

5.Get Fresh Air Daily 
We all tend to stay indoors for work. If you are indoors all day, you might consider that indoor air quality is a major contributor to allergies. Even if you get your internal environment right, you must get your external environment right to really make a difference for empowering your health.  

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Why Your Woman Is So HOT!

Hormone Health - Why Your Woman Is So HOT!

When it comes to hormones we tend to think about women saying they are HOT! The hot flashes, night sweats, and temperament fluctuations tends to be during the late forties and early fifties of a woman’s life. However, hormones fluctuations can occur at any age. And many times it doesn’t have to do with that time of life. There are several factors on what may be causing the hot flashes and discomfort with perceived hormonal issues. One piece that we have to look at is that our daily lifestyle choices can make the biggest difference in how our hormones are working. Environmental toxins and life stressors can play a large impact in how our bodies are working. Many times what is seen as hot flashes may just be other aspects of the body that might be breaking down. Here are some reasons other than menopause that you might be dealing with hot flashes.

1.Excess Weight 
Excessive weight has been shown to mimic hot flashes at any age! So coming up with a games plan to drop the weight is a great idea. Even 5 lbs will make a difference. 

2.Food Allergies 
Many times allergies to certain foods can be the root cause of why the hot flashes may be at work. Look at temporarily eliminating the top allergenic foods such as wheat products and dairy for about 8 weeks. See how your body responds. 

There are certain medications that can cause hot flashes and similar symptoms. Make sure to ask your doctor about this for empowering your health

4.Uncontrolled Diabetes 
Millions never realize that they have diabetes and blood sugar instabilities until the health challenge has progressed. Hot flashes and night sweats are classic signs that you may be dealing with an underlying blood sugar condition

5.Thyroid Issues 
This is a big one and we are seeing it grow by the year. The thyroid is responsible for our overall mood, energy output, and metabolism. When it begins to go haywire, then life can be challenging. Hot flashes and night sweats are signs that the thyroid may not be working at its peak level. Make sure to ask your physician to get lab work done and get the proper assessment.

5 Essentials to Watching Your Weight

Diet and Weight Loss - 5 Essentials to Watching Your Weight

When it comes to losing weight there are some guidelines that we all must follow. It seems like there is a mystery on how to lose the weight with so many diet plans and available ways to get lean. But what really works? The keys are found in some of the basics and the lifestyle choices that you make each and every day. Losing weight has to do with how your metabolism breaks down the food you eat every day, how the hormones are working, and how well and effective your body can break down the calories. So lets take a look at some of the essentials that, if a part of your daily routine, can leverage greater weight loss and keep your energy levels at an all-time high. 

1.Learn Your Macros 
Your what? Our macronutrients are called our proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. There is a perfect balance for each person and what you are attempting to accomplish with your body and fitness goals. Learn what your exact macro breakdown is and discover how well your body can function. 

2.Manage Your Hormones 
Make sure you have your hormone levels tested routinely. There are so many variables with toxins in the environment, poor air quality, and emotional stressors, that can be a great impact to our hormones for empowering your health

3.Be Consistent With Exercise 
You must do it 5-6 days a week. I don’t care if you don’t like it. Do it. Find a way. You have the time. We all have the time. Make the time. Make sure you do at least 20 minutes. Just do something. Go biking, weightlifting, swimming, play sports, anything except gardening. Have fun gardening-just don’t call that exercise

4.Get Your Sleep 
It’s is the key for weight loss. Deep, quality sleep for 6-8 hours is a must to detoxify the body, restore cells, and improve your output for the next day. Plus studies and research have shown that getting proper sleep increases weight loss by over 50%. Pretty strong stats.

5.Drink Water 
I get asked and I say this a lot. And I will keep saying it. It is the vital link for weight loss and optimal health. We must drink more water. Do the gallon jug challenge. Take a gallon jug with you everywhere. See if you can drink an entire gallon in one day. You will be amazed how full it still is by 6pm. Focus on the water, and you will start hitting new goals for your target weight. 

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Can You Prevent A Stroke Naturally?

Heart Health - Can You Prevent A Stroke Naturally?

When we hear the word “Stroke”, it can be alarming for anyone. A stroke can be listed as fairly harmless to deadly. It is a challenging situation for anyone to face with his or her health. So the question is, how do we avoid it? What can we do to naturally keep our bodies healthy enough to potentially never have one? If we understand what may be the root cause for many strokes, then we can ask and understand what to do to support the body. First we must understand what a stroke is. In radio, I hear this a lot. A stroke occurs when there is a weakness in the wall of a blood vessel causing it to tear or rupture. There are many theories on why this takes place. The plaquing of the arteries called atherosclerosis has been one universal theory in medicine that has caused the medical community to function off of the cholesterol premise to monitor good and bad cholesterol. The late Linus Pauling won a Nobel Peace Prize for his research on Vitamin C and its role in collagen production and stabilizing the vessels. He challenged much of the medical community of his day. It is a theory that is still being examined. At the heart of any health challenge, we must look at the physiology. A stroke is a weakened vessel in the body. What causes the weakness? Typically it has to do with the collagen and elastin that makes up the vessels themselves. Collagen is a protein that we get from the foods we eat. The challenge is that over time, our bodies break that collagen down. This is why you see much of the aging in the skin, the wrinkles, etc. Poor dietary habits, smoking, drinking, lack of sleep. These are all contributing factors.

But I thought strokes were genetic? Kind of. Yes genetics play a role in a stroke, but a limited amount. Our lifestyle choices that we make daily will usually override the genetics. So I am going to share some of the basics of what it takes to have a strong cardiovascular system. Ultimately, that should be the goal. Great stroke prevention is found in a healthy cardio system. So here we go…

1.Eat More Hydrolized Collagen
We just don’t get enough from chicken, fish, beef, etc. After age 40, our bodies don’t produce enough hydrochloric acid to properly break down the proteins. We must utilize a form of collagen that we can digest. Taking in about 10g per day has been shown in research to be helpful in addition to an anti-inflammatory diet. I personally like Great Lakes Hydrolized Collagen.

2.Increase Vitamin C
We are generally low in the levels we need in vitamin C. Getting it from natural sources like fruits and vegetables are the best option. Vitamin C is a catalyst for making Collagen to support strong and healthy vessels.

Get moving 6 day per week. You don’t have the option of being lazy anymore if you want a strong cardio system. If you ache and hurt, then go swim. No more excuses.

4.Vitamin E
It’s been proven now that Vitamin E is a powerful source to help in collagen production and increasing the strength of the vessels. Make sure to get a natural source. Look on the label for the d-Alpha rather than the dl-alpha version.

5.Beef and Chicken Stock
Make your own bone broth and stock. Drinking the broth up to 16oz per day can have dramatic effects for empowering your health.

The restoration that we get from sleep can be dramatic. The increase of our HgH growth hormone will help increase collagen and strengthen the vessels.

How Do You Get Younger Looking Skin?

Anti-Aging - How Do You Get Younger Looking Skin?

Younger looking skin is something that many choose to achieve. When you look at all of the skin care products claiming to make you look younger and have that ultimate glow. Just how do you achieve it? Is it even possible to have younger, more vibrant looking skin? The answer is a resounding… yes! Younger looking skin is not difficult to achieve with some great science and a little discipline. The one thing to know is that our skin is the largest organ of our body. On my radio show, I talk about how our daily habits influence our skin as much as it influences our heart, lungs, or kidneys. So the great news is that the way we eat, sleep, exercise, and live will be a direct reflection in our skin. Our skin becomes like a meter to show us how our inside is doing. Usually that means healthy skin outside will be a good reflection of a healthy body inside. So let’s take a look at some easy ways to keep our skin looking younger and healthier. 

1.Sleep 6-8 Hours 
Looking for the magic potion to get rid of the wrinkles? Sleep. This is a major key to longevity in your skin. It must be quality sleep. Getting into the deep stage of sleep is proven to help rejuvenate the skin and keep your skin glowing. 

2.Drink Green Tea 
It’s so easy to do. Green tea has so many powerful antioxidants to help keep your skin glowing and protected. Try the green tea test. Take a picture of your skin, then drink fresh unsweetened green tea every day for 30 days. Take another picture and see what you notice

3.Drink Your Water 
Pure, non-chlorinated water is an essential for naturally glowing skin. Most people are dehydrated and don’t even know it. The typical goal is half your bodyweight in ounces per day.

4.Eat High Omega Fatty Fish 
Your best bet is to eat wild caught fish daily. The better fish are salmon, tuna, and mackerel. The rest of the fish are typically good, however, these contain the higher levels of the good fats for empowering your health

5.Get Your Vegetables 
This seems to be a struggle for many. Statistics tell us that only about 1.5% of Americans eat fruits and vegetables. For optimal health we need between 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day! That’s a lot! 

One of my favorite ways to get in my fruits and vegetables is with our FRUITY MATRIX powder. Each scoop tastes amazing. You just mix with water and it provides you with 5-9 servings of organic fruits and vegetables each day plus over 90 antioxidants and super nutrients that the body needs. 

We must get our vegetables in. 

These are some of the basics to help get your skin looking younger. Remember, there is much more you can do for great health. It just takes time and the willingness.