Xandro Calcium AKG

If you know anything about minerals and their importance in our diet, it’s probably that calcium, commonly found in milk, is good for our teeth and bones. Xando Calcium AKG purports to be more than that. With energy-boosting, muscle-building properties, it may be able to stave off the effects of aging by as much as 8 years (https://longevity.technology/lifestyle/xandro-calcium-akg-review-is-it-the-supplement-for-aging-well/).

Xandro is the name of the developer, Xandro Lab, a company dedicated to developing high-quality, affordable supplements. Calcium AKG, like most of its products, is manufactured in its Singapore lab, where there’s a big focus on purity and reliability. The Calcium AKG formula has been specially formulated to minimize degradation, keeping it at maximum potency for longer. Its effectiveness and safety are assured through rigorous third-party testing with a Certificate of Analysis.

It’s important to realize that Calcium AKG is not the same as regular calcium. Calcium AKG is a compound salt that incorporates alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG), a vital part of your body’s ability to produce cellular energy. It may boost your endurance by helping your muscles recover quicker from exercise. The calcium still has its well-known bone-strengthening properties, but it also acts as a stabilizing agent.

Calcium AKG is delivered in a 500g capsule. Unfortunately, that’s the only dose available. It’s recommended that you don’t take more than two at a time, but starting with just one can help you adjust more gradually to its effects. If you have it early, perhaps with breakfast (they need to be taken with food), you could feel the benefit throughout the day.

Other supplements incorporating calcium AKG exist. Xandro’s version stands out for its 99% purity, but Codeage has a more effective delivery mechanism, and a higher dose.

Vitality Pro offers a higher dosage still, and it wraps it in biodegradable packaging. Always make sure you talk to a doctor before taking any new supplement, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing or taking other medication.

There are other advantages to Xandro’s product in particular. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan, with no other additives or artificial colors, plus it has a reasonable price. The biggest criticism, other than the limited dosage size, is that it can take a while to fully feel the impact.

As always, you should only take supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a balanced diet.

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