Recovery & Performance

Knee Pain

It can be hard to keep up a proper exercise routine on a good day. For people with injuries and disabilities, it becomes extra difficult. That’s especially true when you have trouble with your knees. Knees are essential to our mobility, but their position and the amount of stress they often experience means they’re particularly

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Warming Up

Whether you like to run, pump iron in the gym, or swim the length of the pool, and whether you’re a boxer or a dancer, you’ve probably been told warming up is important. You’ve probably also been guilty of rushing or even skipping your warmup every now and then. It can be tempting to just

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We talk a lot about all the things you need to do to improve your health and extend your longevity, but we don’t often mention breathing. After all, that’s something that most of us do automatically. If you meditate regularly, though, whether on its own or as part of yoga or martial arts, you’ll know

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