Simba Sleep

No, this isn’t a review of a tired lion. It’s a special mattress that hopefully can increase your comfort so the problems and stresses that hinder your sleep lose some of their power. Sleep is incredibly important for health, but sleep deprivation is depressingly common and not very easy to fix. No wonder people are eager for products like the Simba Sleep mattress. The question is, does it work (

Well, first we need to know what makes the Simba Sleep different from all those other mattresses out there. To start with, there are multiple layers – up to ten of them – each providing some extra cushioning and support. Two of the layers are Aerocoil®, a patented construction of spring comfort titanium. They make the mattress springy without being lumpy and give it the kind of softness normally associated with memory foam mattresses, minus the tendency to shift out of place.

You wouldn’t guess that this was a ten-layer mattress upon taking it out of the box. It’s sealed tight in the plastic wrapping, squeezed almost completely flat without a drop of air. It’s only once it’s out and inflated that it grows to full proportion. This can take a while, so do not expect to use it upon arrival. It could take as long as 72 hours before it’s ready.

Other than the lengthy inflation time, the biggest criticism of the Simba Sleep is probably the price. This mattress does not come cheaply. If you desperately need a softer place to sleep, it may be worth it, but we do know that some people find excessively soft beds uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to do your research. You can, however, be reassured by the Simba Sleep’s ten-year warranty.

There are additional benefits on top of the comfort level. The Simba Sleep mattress is a very modern invention, and that means it’s aware of modern environmental concerns. Every inch of material is recyclable, and there are no harmful dyes or heavy metals. That allows it to hold a sought-after CertiPUR certification, generally considered an industry standard. Any excess foam from the production is repurposed for use elsewhere.

Too many people struggle with sleep, which leads to all kinds of health problems and potentially reduced longevity. A mattress like the Simba Sleep provides a chance to improve your sleep experience.

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