Recovery & Performance

No Equipment

The type of exercise we do often seems limited by affordability and accessibility. There’s a reason equestrian events are often seen as the preserve of the rich, while boxing is more widely found in the poorer corners of inner cities. In the case of strength training, you might think you need a fancy set of […]

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Sports Medicine

Professional sports are a big business, and that means people are willing to invest a lot into maximizing the health and optimizing the performance of athletes. Longevity is also a growing concern, with many research companies trying to help people live well for longer. It seems the two should be natural bedfellows, able to learn

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Workout Routine

It doesn’t matter how many fancy new supplements and technologies the longevity industry develops. Two things are always going to be the most basic building blocks for improving your lifespan. One is diet, and the other is exercise. To live longer – and to live healthier – you need to implement the best possible workout

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Yoga For Body And Mind

Yes, yoga can improve our balance, coordination and mobility. Yes, it may make us stronger. One thing that draws people towards yoga above other forms of exercise, however, is its effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Now there’s evidence that it may be a way to relieve some of the stress of Alzheimer’s (

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Simba Sleep

No, this isn’t a review of a tired lion. It’s a special mattress that hopefully can increase your comfort so the problems and stresses that hinder your sleep lose some of their power. Sleep is incredibly important for health, but sleep deprivation is depressingly common and not very easy to fix. No wonder people are

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