Recovery & Performance

Functional Fitness

We’re not all elite athletes who are looking to sprint 100m in fewer than 10 seconds or break a world record. For most of us, exercise is about something a bit simpler. It’s about functional fitness and being able to take part in regular, everyday activities without aches, pains or getting out of breath (

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We talk a lot about the importance of warming up before exercise. It’s one of the best ways to avoid injury and get the most from your session. Cooling down might not get attention in quite the same way, but it’s just as essential for an effective, and more importantly, safe workout ( Exercise can

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Water Aerobics

If you’re recovering from an injury or have trouble with your joints, swimming is often recommended over going for a run or visiting the gym. But what if you don’t like swimming? Is there a way to combine the advantages of water-based exercise with your favorite land-based options? People can be pretty creative about how

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You’ll soon feel if you’ve been overtraining. You’ll be fatigued beyond the natural tiredness that follows a good workout, you’ll find yourself picking up strains and sprains at an accelerated rate, and you won’t feel the benefits that normally come with exercise. It doesn’t stop there, however; overtraining can have long-term implications for your physical

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There’s no denying it’s more convenient to exercise at home. Anyone who’s woken up before dawn so they can try to get to the gym before having to go to work would probably agree. Of course, the gym is generally where you find the most useful equipment. Can the CAROL Bike help change that? Beginners

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Isometric Exercise

Isometric sounds like the sort of word you might encounter in a math class. It may seem intimidating, but don’t worry. I’m going to explain the concept of isometric exercise so you can decide for yourself whether this distinctive approach may improve your health ( You may have seen stretching, that essential part of any

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No Equipment

The type of exercise we do often seems limited by affordability and accessibility. There’s a reason equestrian events are often seen as the preserve of the rich, while boxing is more widely found in the poorer corners of inner cities. In the case of strength training, you might think you need a fancy set of

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