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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s defeatist. There’s no reason that people over 55 can’t pick up new knowledge and skills to help them enjoy a more active and meaningful old age. That’s the idea underpinning an app called GetSetUp, which is currently improving minds and building communities among

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The Hottest Smart Textiles

We’ve talked about the definition, the strengths and weaknesses, and what smart textiles mean for innovation in health tech. Now let’s give you the examples, introducing you to some of the most exciting new products to come out under the smart textiles label in 2023 (https://longevity.technology/lifestyle/7-must-know-smart-textile-products-for-2023/). Remember, smart textiles have tech integrated into their very

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Data, Data, Data

Just why is artificial intelligence taking off in such a big way in healthcare circles? What makes it so potentially useful? The answer lies in the vast amounts of data that are collected and analyzed on a frankly ridiculous scale. Now we just need the policies and infrastructure to implement it both effectively and ethically

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Smart Technology For Aging At Home

Just when you think we’ve reached the limits of new smart technology for the home, along comes a new innovation to blow your mind. Yes, there were televisions, refrigerators, and lighting. Now – and you might have to read this twice to believe it’s real – there’s the smart toilet seat (https://longevity.technology/news/portfolias-latest-agetech-investment-leaves-toi-labs-flushed-with-success/). Don’t roll your

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Eyes are part of the body that may be easy to dismiss when you’re trying to stay on top of your health. Sure, as you grow older, your eyesight may fade a bit, but compared to problems with your heart or brain, that seems pretty minor. However, evidence is starting to suggest that the eye

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