Longevity & Immunity


MRIs are already one of the most important diagnostic tools available. They allow us to look deep inside the body and spot all sorts of medical problems. Now they’re being paired with one of the newest diagnostic tools, one that’s still very much in its early stages. Could artificial intelligence (AI) be used to make …

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Biohacking might not be the word on everyone’s tongue, but it’s certainly becoming more popular – even if you don’t know what to call it. Tech is a big part of that. Gone are the days when health and fitness were exclusively reliant on the guidance of professionals. People are taking control of their own …

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Functional Age

Those familiar with longevity science will probably have encountered the concept of biological age as opposed to age in years, which can seem a little strange to newcomers. Now, however, there’s another new calculation to consider, your functional age (https://longevity.technology/news/measuring-longevity-making-the-case-for-functional-age/). Let’s take a look at what that means. Your age in years, also called chronological …

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