Hair Loss Treatment

When it comes to the symptoms of aging, hair loss probably doesn’t rank quite as highly as cognitive decline or various cardiovascular issues, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a source of upset. After all, it is more visible than the other signs. Luckily, as we begin to better understand what causes hair loss, companies are starting to develop new possible treatments (

In 2018, a Harvard-trained scientist by the name of Dr. Keshav K. Singh published a paper about the role of mitochondria in losing our hair. You may have heard mitochondria called the “powerhouse” of the cell because of their role in energy production. The fact that they become depleted and dysfunctional as we grow older is implicated in lots of health problems. Singh’s paper suggested that if we restore the functioning of the mitochondria, it could have a positive impact on both our skin and our hair, the places where we see some of the most obvious visible signs of aging.

He took this research forward to start a longevity biotech company of his own. Yuva Biosciences launched in Alabama in 2019 with a specific focus on improving mitochondrial health. The announcement of new funding and partnerships to support its first product, a topical treatment for the hair and skin, marks the beginning of what could become an effective approach to not just treating aging’s symptoms but tackling one of its underlying causes: mitochondrial dysfunction.

The new product is described as a “densifying foam.” Yuva Bio worked with an expert in hair restoration, Bosley MD, to create it. The research and development process involved the use of AI to analyze thousands of different molecules in a quest to find the ones that gave mitochondria the biggest boost. The result was a compound called Y100 that would form the basis of the treatment.

Now, “Revive Plus Densifying Foam” is making its way to pharmacies, beauty chains and other retailers across the country, in addition to online. Big names such as Procter & Gamble have described it as “a real game-changer” that shows “noticeable effects”.

It may not stop there. The molecule used to create Revive Plus Densifying Foam appears to have a similar impact on the body’s other tissues, not just skin and hair. Its uses could expand. Yuva also hopes to identify whether mitochondria play a role in fertility.

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