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What exactly happens when your cholesterol levels are too high? You’ve probably been warned about the dangers, but sometimes those warnings can sound a little vague. If you don’t have some medical knowledge, a complicated-sounding term like atherosclerosis may even make you zone out a little. Unfortunately, atherosclerosis is too serious to ignore. It may […]

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“High cholesterol is bad!” That’s the warning we get on a pretty regular basis, even though, as with most things involving the body, it’s kind of complicated. We do need some cholesterol, and there are different types. Unless you’re an expert, the whole thing can be pretty hard to understand. What those warnings are actually

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You’ve probably heard doctors warning about the dangers of high blood pressure. I’ve talked before about the risk it can pose to your health. It’s true everyone should be careful with their blood pressure, but for some people, awareness can be particularly important. That includes if you’re pregnant. If you have a history of hypertension

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Types Of Exercise

You’ve probably been told that exercise is one of the best ways to lower your cholesterol and that lowering your cholesterol is one of the best things you can do for your heart health. So far, so good. The next questions, however, are what kind of exercise is best, and how much of it should

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The Effect Of Aging

You might want anti-aging products to reduce your wrinkles and stop your hair from going gray, but they’re not the most important things you can do to try to limit the impact of growing older. You also want to try to control the health effects, which includes trying to avoid the increasing likelihood of high

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By Demographic

It’s an unfortunate truth that as we get older, we’re more likely to see warning signs in our health. High blood pressure. Brittle bones. Arthritis. Dementia. Heart attacks. Strokes. Cancer. It’s an unsettling list. You might know that cholesterol is another thing that tends to become more dangerous as we age. It becomes harder for

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