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Pulmonary Hypertension

Hypertension is the proper name for high blood pressure. Pulmonary means it is related to the lungs. Therefore, pulmonary hypertension is when your high blood pressure specifically affects the blood vessels responsible for the lungs’ blood supply. It’s a rare condition but a serious one. When the pulmonary arteries thicken and become stiff, it means […]

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Cell Membrane Fluidity

You might only think of cholesterol as the fatty substance that blocks your blood vessels and causes lots of unpleasant health problems. Some of you might know that it’s also vital to several bodily processes. Hormones, vitamin D and bile acid all depend on cholesterol. It’s also essential to your cell membranes, particularly their fluidity

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A Hidden Condition

We don’t always know when there’s something wrong with us. That’s an unfortunate truth. We may look and feel fine while deep inside our body, something isn’t working properly. That’s unfortunate when you consider that most conditions can be treated more effectively when they’re caught early. Take high blood pressure. It is entirely possible to

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High Blood Pressure

One of the conditions most commonly associated with aging is high blood pressure – or hypertension, to give it its proper name. There’s actually a range of factors that can increase your likelihood of hypertension, and because high blood pressure on its own rarely shows symptoms, you may want to know whether you’re at risk.

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Dreaded But Necessary

When doctors start talking about cholesterol, it’s rarely a good thing. They usually bring it up in the context of high cholesterol, which can lead to some serious problems further down the line. You do need some cholesterol, though. It’s essential to human survival. To start, let’s discuss what cholesterol actually is and what it

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High Blood Pressure

There’s an ominous sound to the word “hypertension”, the proper name for high blood pressure. High blood pressure in its own right, however, rarely has any symptoms. It’s more of a concern because of what it could lead to later. High blood pressure is something that might come up in a regular medical checkup or

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