5 Ways To Avoiding A Stroke

Heart Health - 5 Ways To Avoiding A Stroke

Close to 800,000 of Americans will see a stroke this year. It doesn’t have to be this way. Why does a stroke actually occur? There are many reasons why a stroke can happen. A weakened cardiovascular system comes from a weakened set of lifestyle choices. The great news is that even if there is a family history, many times there is a way to overcome the incidence of getting a stroke. Let’s look at some of the best lifestyle practices to follow to ensure that you can win the battle against this potentially deadly condition our lifestyle is our best medicine. Ever heard that? If you listen to my radio and television shows I am constantly teaching you how what we do today will determine the kind of health we will have tomorrow. It all really begins with our choices. 

1.Lower The Salt 
It is proven that too much salt can stress our cardiovascular system. Keep your overall salt intake to around 2400 mg per day. If you have already had any heart related condition, then keep it to 1500 mg. 

2.Monitor The Blood Pressure 
Blood pressure is one of the primary causes of stroke. Look to increase your exercise and monitor your diet. Also look at rebounding on a mini trampoline to help support your efforts. 

3.Avoid Diabetes 
New studies show that diabetes can increase the risk of stroke. Make sure to work with your Health Coach Provider to get your metabolism and entire blood sugar system in check. 

4.Balance Cholesterol 
This is a big one. You don’t want the cholesterol too low and you don’t want it too high. You have to keep it in check. Eating foods rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids will make the difference.

5.Get To A Healthy Weight 
Your overall weight is a key. Studies show that we need to be at a set point of where our bodies will be the healthiest. Set a number goal, like 150 lbs. Write it down, post it on your refrigerator, and work like your life depends on it to reach that goal. Because it does.

The Top Keys To Have A Healthy Heart

Heart Health - The Top Keys To Have A Healthy Heart

Heart disease is still the leading killer in America today. Why? With all of the research out there, it is believed now that stress may be the contributing factor. Our mental health is a result of our lifestyle choices in many ways. Lets face it. We all have stress. Stress is a part of life. I believe it is not really the stress we have in our lives, but how we choose to deal with that stress. There are some great natural and lifestyle ways to handle keeping a healthy heart. It all begins with your own personal stress management plan. Our lifestyle choices will directly determine how well our health will be. So we must choose wisely. Let’s look at some basic tips to keep our heart healthy in the middle of life’s most difficult challenges. 

1.Your Network Matters 
Who we choose to spend our time with truly matters. We must spend time with those that keep us encouraged and have our best interest at heart. Healthy relationships create a healthy heart. Just like stressful relationships can actually create damage to our heart and overall health. It matters. 

2.Your Eating Matters 
When it comes to eating for your heart there are some core principles that make the difference. Eating real natural, unprocessed foods as listed in my anti-inflammatory diet will get you on the right path. It includes equal amounts of lean protein sources, low glycemic carbohydrates, and healthy fats. 

3. Your Exercise Matters 
You have to get moving. Stop telling yourself that walking the dog and gardening are healthy activities. They are better than sitting on the couch. Yes. However, they will not generate the kind of heart healthy benefits that you are looking for. Focus on getting out and doing some form of strenuous exercise that gets your heart rate up.

4.Your Sleep Matters 
If you are not sleeping, then you are headed toward some potential challenges with your heart health. Numerous studies have been performed to show us how important sleep is to our body’s ability to recover from the stress of the day and keep our heart performing at its best.