Why You Can’t Sleep

If you follow much on social media these days you will constantly see the personalities saying to hustle and grind. Don’t sleep. If you are successful, then you must only sleep 4 hours per night, right? No so fast. Sleep is one of the most overlooked keys in achieving optimal health. We must sleep. Sleep is the key to how we win in our daily lives. The ultimate secret to getting great sleep is found in some basic areas that we have found in science. The reason that sleep is important is that is when the body is regenerating for the next day, however, that is also when the body is eliminating toxins from the previous day. Even if you are eating an anti-inflammatory diet any people that struggle with anxiety and depression do so because they can’t sleep. They can’t sleep because when we sleep, we also dump and eliminate our emotional toxins as well. 

Ever hear the phrase, “joy comes in the morning?” 

It is true. Our sleep is a form of daily medicine that can help us thrive in the middle of all that we do. We get sick for 2 main reasons according to the CDC. I get asked often about sleep. We lose our health due to emotional toxicity and environmental toxins. Both of these are heavily worked on by the body during our sleep time. So lets dive into why you can’t sleep and how to overcome it. 

1.You Can’t Forgive
Bingo. This is the big one. We all have hurts. We all have pain. When we hold on the unforgiveness, then we place ourselves in a prison. Learn to forgive whoever for whatever. You will immediately reap the benefits in your sleep. 

2.You Are On Your Device At Night
Our sleep hormones like melatonin are heavily affected by the blue light that comes off of our phones and computer screens. Shut it down after 9 and don’t carry it into bed. 

3.You Don’t Eat Before Bed
What!? Yes, eating before bed is a great habit. When we sleep, our blood sugar can drop and impact our ability to stay asleep. This doesn’t mean eat some ice cream every night. The best choices are 2 eggs, a handful of nuts, a protein shake with water, or some other kind of protein or fat just before bed. This will stabilize the blood sugar and also help you stay fast asleep. Also magnesium tends to be a key mineral we are deficient in. A good overall mineral complex blend like our Mineral Balance will help be a great support for better sleep. 

Follow these simple steps and aim to get your sleep for 6-8 solid hours per night. It will make an amazing difference in your health !