What Is The Best Diet?

Diet and Weight Loss - What Is The Best Diet?

A question that I receive often is “what is the best diet to follow?” There are many diets out there. I really like to think of diets as more of an eating plan. It’s really more of a strategy of how to eat every day. Our lifestyle really determines our choices every day. And your eating habits are exactly that – habits. So when you look at all the FAD diets out there, which one is the best? Let’s take a look at the keys to a successful eating and dietary plan the first point to understand is that for the most part, all diets work. They all have great principles that can help you get into great health and lose weight. Whether its ketogenic, intermittent fasting, high carb, low carb, high protein, low protein, plant-based, etc, there are good principles that can be gleaned from many of them. I teach and have always been an advocate of my developed Anti-Inflammatory Diet. The principles look like this: 

1.Eat Equal Macro Portions 
The body likes to be in balance. Choose to eat equal amounts of lean quality proteins, low glycemic, high fiber carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Usually in the ratio of 33% with each of the macronutrients

2.Eat Plant-Based 
Eating plant-based has the best research behind the results. From the China Study to Dean Ornish, the research leans heavily for staying away from the Big 2, cancer and heart disease. Keep most of your food choices in the plant and whole food category. 

3.Eat More Fat 
The verdict is in. I don’t care how you cut it. The low fat, high carb 1980’s was a disaster. I can’t believe we did that for so long. I did it myself. Now diabetes has skyrocketed and other neurodegenerative disease has set in. My personal opinion and now with strong research is that we didn’t have the amount of healthy fats that our bodies need to thrive.

4.Get Enough Protein 
Eating enough protein, but not too much is essential. All of our cells are made of protein and we need to get enough. I like fish, eggs, and pea as my primary sources. If you do meat of any kind, really pay attention to the quality of what you are taking in. Grass-fed, hormone, and antibiotic free is the way to go for empowering your health

5.Eat Multiple Meals 
I eat almost 7-8 smaller meals per day. I believe that many people are malnourished and under eat. Take the elderly for example. Many times they begin to “fail” in health as we say in medicine, because they stop eating. Getting enough of the right kind of calories and foods is essential for long term weight loss goals and overall health.

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