Top 5 for Arthritis and Better Joints

Arthritis and joint pain are one of the leading causes of why many struggle to have a high quality of life. Pain can be the great distractor in how well you can move and enjoy life. There are many natural ways to support overall joint health and keep you from having all of the joint health restrictions that you could potentially see. One of these is found in stem cell therapy. Let’s look at how a new wave of therapy could be making a difference in how you body can regenerate and thrive. There are many new therapeutics available to keep our joints in tip top shape. One is called stem cell therapy. Along with taking our own stem cells, there are lifestyle modifications that must accompany this to make it successful. If you have worked with your doctor to avoid a joint replacement such as a knee or hip, then you may have done the typical cortisone shots, or even the powerful injections called Hyalgan or Synvisc. These are great tools that can give life back to the joints by using the tried and true tested hyaluronic acid to help build a healthier more stable joint. However there is a new sheriff in town. The FDA has recently cleared stem cell therapy for use from our fat cells. It is then re-administered into the troubled area to help regrow tissue with amazing results. 

Here are some options for improving joint health, alleviating arthritis, and helping to stabilize and even repair difficult joints. 

1.Great Nutrition Including Omega 3 Fats
Research shows that using about 45 g of fish oil per day for 6 months can be helpful for lowering inflammation

2.Adding Collagen
There is a new craze going with eating collagen to improve joint health. You can add it to your daily meals and the results are remarkable at what it does to help support overall joint health. 

3.Keep Moving
With any joint pain, just don’t stop moving. Find ways to keep your joints healthy by continuing to exercise for empowering your health

4.Hyaluronic Injections
These have various names and are covered by insurance companies. Just ask our team and we can help. These are usually in a series of a few injections, can rebuild the joint, and give quality back to your life. 

5.Stem Cell Therapy
This new technology uses your own cells to help rebuild what was lost. By extracting some of your own fat cells, you can then re-administer these cells into the troubled area. The results are absolutely groundbreaking