The Top 5 Ways To Eliminate Allergies

Allergy - The Top 5 Ways To Eliminate Allergies

No matter what time of year it is it seems I am constantly bombarded with questions about how to get rid of allergies. The constant symptoms of itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and the list goes on. Do you just take an anti-histamine and hope for the best? Or what do we do? There are many natural ways to eliminate allergies that we struggle with each day. So lets get to it. Here are some natural methods proven to help the allergies that we face every day. First we have to understand what causes our allergies. We struggle with allergies usually due to a digestive system that is not working up to its potential. When we eat foods that we are sensitive to, or our digestive system is weakened, then we create a substance called histamine. Listen, this histamine is what causes the bulk of what we struggle with as far as symptoms go. Here are some basic natural methods to implement into your daily routine that can help you overcome these allergies. 

Probiotics are found in certain fermented foods and made in a supplement form. My favorite is called Theralac. The quality of a supplement is vital if you choose to use one. In a recent study in the British Journal of Medicine, it was proven that using probiotics cut allergies in half. 

2.Vitamin C 
Eat your fruits and vegetables. Its amazing to me that only 1.5% of Americans eat fruits and vegetables. The foods richest in Vitamin C are the ones that help lower the histamine levels in the body. 

This is one of the keys. We are so deficient in magnesium. Our soil just doesn’t have what it needs to function at its highest level. Most nuts and seeds are loaded with magnesium. Magnesium is a powerful bronchodilator and anti-histamine. The best form of magnesium is glycinate. It is also best to take before bed and watch how your sleep will improve for empowering your health

The higher our omega 3 fatty acids, the lower our histamine will be. I always recommend having an omega 3 fatty acid blood test to see where your overall levels are. Low levels of omega 3 fats are one of the main contributing factors for increased allergies. Salmon and mackerel are some of the best choices. And don’t forget your cod liver oil

5.Vitamin E 
Make sure to get your vitamin E. gamma-tocopherol is the version that tends to work the best. There was a study done recently at Michigan State University that lowered allergies and overall inflammation. I get asked about supplements. If you use a supplement, make sure it’s the natural vitamin E marked as d-alpha, rather than the synthetic version called dl-alpha.

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