The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

One of the top questions that seems to come my way is why people can’t lose the weight. It seems like everyone is looking for the latest silver bullet and diet solution. I met a businessman on a flight the other day and he asked what I did. Of course I explained and he got excited and said, ”I have been wanting to lose this gut and some of the extra pounds. He asked if I could help. Of course, I said. So I asked him some basic questions and it came down to food choices. Now this guy was on about 5 different medications ranging from blood pressure to blood sugar. Amazing, but typical. When I told him that he would need to give up the donuts for breakfast every day as a starter, you would have thought I asked him to shoot his dog. The conversation quickly ended as I told him that unless he can get out of his own way, he would never reach his health goals.

I’m pretty hard when it comes to whining. If you are asking me to play “patty cake” with you to make you feel good, you came to the wrong doc. I want to see you do well. I want to see you live healthier than ever before. I wan to see you lose the weight. I want to see you thrive. There are reasons that you are not losing the weight for empowering your health. Legitimate ones.

Many times it is our poor daily habits that are holding us back. Deciding that you want to get well is the absolute key to living the life you want to live. So when it comes to losing weight we have a saying in our organization. 

“Pursue health, and the body that you want will follow.” 

With weight loss this stands true. When you focus on your goal of lowering blood sugar, or having better cholesterol, or reducing inflammation, then the body will respond in many other ways including hitting your target weight goals

Let’s look at some steps to help you get there. 

1.Create Your Target 
Know your number. If you want to be 150 lbs then write it down. There is power in writing it down and putting it in front of you. People will tell me what they would “like” to have. Decide what you WANT, not what you would LIKE. Make it happen.

2.Create Habits 
On the radio I mention often, you are a sum total of the thoughts you have every day, and the actions that you take. It will take approximately 67 days to create your new habit of eating healthy, exercising, or sleeping better. So get started. 

3.Create Better Thinking 
Your self -talk is powerful. Make sure you write down how you are going to talk to yourself every day. You take control. Rather than saying I’ll never lose weight. Ill always be fat, I’ll never get off the medicine. Guess what, science has proven that if you keep that type of talk up, then you won’t hit your goals. Start with saying, I will lose this weight and hit my target of 150 lbs. 

4.Create Better Relationships 
You are a sum total of who you hang out with. Getting the family and friends on board with your goals and success in weight loss is very important. Get everyone on the same page. Or create your own book. 

5.Create The Vision 
Where there is no vision, there is no victory. Create the perfect idea of what you want your health to look like. Now go after it. You must EN-vision your vision. It is the most important piece for building a health coach mindset for success..