The Power of Why

Ultimately when I talk with people, I consistently hear how they want to be at the top level possible for their lives. It doesn’t matter what that might be, a great parent, better at work, a better athlete. Whatever that might be, we all want to be at our best. I have come to learn that our bodies breaking down are a direct result of our mind breaking down first. The way we think directly determines the way that we live. It all begins with knowing why we are here. It begins with knowing who we are. And it begins with the power of knowing your “why”. Many of the disease and health challenges that we face today are diet and lifestyle related. That lifestyle component is the essential to making the largest impact. It’s about our choices. The way we think and the actions that we take each day will determine our health and vitality. When you know yourself and you know your why, then life changes for you. You have to believe that you are designed for more. Every one of us has amazing gifts, talents, and abilities that can impact our families and this generation. However, to make this happen, we must know our why. Here are the basics to figure out your why. 

1.What Are You Great At
Look back at your life. What have you been really great at doing? What were you knowingly not that great at doing? Your Why will always be found in your strengths. 

2. What Gives You Energy
When you do certain activities or jobs have you ever noticed that it didn’t feel like work? And other jobs felt like you were about to fall over from exhaustion? Find what gives you energy and make it happen. 

3.What Do Others Notice
Have you ever listened to those around you? What are they telling you that they notice that you are great at. Pay attention to what even strangers say. Many times they will tell you what you are best at from a very different perspective. 

4.What Makes You Snap Out Of Bed
Do you lay around to hit the snooze button, or are you ready to leap out of bed and take on the day. If you are in your Why, then you can’t wait to get up and get after it. If you are struggling to get up and go, it might be time to reconsider your current path. 

5.What Fulfills You
Listen, yes we all have to earn money at what we do. However, there is a direct correlation to our health and our happiness. Happiness is usually found at its highest level in our fulfillment. Our health will be at its highest level when we are in a place where we can contribute.