The Forgotten Green Food

Nutrition - The Forgotten Green Food

There are many greens that we can include in our daily dietary routine that can make an amazing difference in our health. Spinach, kale, arugula, and others are the staple. However, there is a green food that is loaded with more of the B-vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber than you could imagine. The green food that is known to be the lowest calorie food on the planet is called rhubarb. This green vegetable is packed with many polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals that can set the stage for amazing health. The stalks tend to have some of the highest level of nutrient density. The stalks tend to be red in color and contain some of the highest vitamin A than any vegetable. The beta-carotene is important for supporting healthy membranes and increasing overall immune health. 

The stalks are also leaded with vitamin K, which is supportive for the immune system and the entire cardiovascular system as a whole. Including rhubarb can help manage many health challenges with great nutritional support. Some of these include:

1.Better Vision 
Rhubarb is known to help improve the eyes and vision with the high level of beta- carotene and vitamin A. Listen, rhubarb also contains much of the zeanthin to support against age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. 

2.Cardiovascular Health 
Heart health is one of the most impacted areas from the food that we eat every day. The natural B-vitamins can support against issues like a-fib, and other cardiovascular conditions.

3.Diabetic Neuropathy 
One of the most powerful vitamins for the nutritional support of diabetes is vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine. This is a powerful tool to help combat any of these challenges. 

The high level of absorbable vitamin K and calcium help the body move toward a stronger musculoskeletal system as a whole for empowering your health

We are now learning the importance of the vitamin K in helping prevent against this disease that is on the rise. 

So when asked, get your rhubarb salad next time. It is a great option to get amazing greens in that can help improve your health dramatically. 

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