The Exercise To Beat Hypertension

Hypertension has become on of the leading health challenges we are facing today. However there are many natural ways to help in the battle. Exercise is a major key in helping to overcome this kind of issue. So what do we do? Is walking enough? There is an old method of exercise that is shown to help with high blood pressure and it is called rebounding. Rebounding is a form of exercise may help lower blood pressure considerably. Harvard has done studies on the various benefits of how jumping on a mini-trampoline just 5 minutes a day can help lower blood pressure. It results from the pumping mechanism of going up and down. 

Our body has a natural system called the lymphatic system. It is our body’s own detoxification system that helps eliminate toxins. The other added benefit is that it has been shown to help support healthy blood pressure levels. 

The great news about rebounding is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Just set the rebounder in front of your favorite sporting event or reality show and start jumping. It will increase your energy levels, help you break a sweat, and may just be the undiscovered key to supporting that blood pressure issue that you have been dealing with. 

Here are some tips in getting started with rebounding. 

1.Buy A Rebounder For Your Home
Normally I like to go somewhere to exercise. With rebounding I have found this is the perfect exercise for the house. It’s inexpensive and easy to set up in your favorite location. My favorite rebounder is at

2.Rebound Every Day
If you are looking to drop weight or just be healthier, rebounding 5 minutes a day to 20 minutes a day can be great for your overall cardiovascular health and bring hope to the body. 

3.Drink More Water
Rebounding increases our lymphatic flow. Our body will seek to eliminate more toxins as you increase the movement. Aim for half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day for empowering your health

4.Breathe Deeper
The fact is that we breathe too shallow each and every day. Stress is a major player in our lives and keeps us from breathing the way that we should. Look into taking deep breaths every day. 3 sets of 30 deep breaths. 

5.Put The Mini Trampoline Outside
Fresh air is a powerful healing agent. We just don’t get enough. We are indoors most of the day in our cars, offices, and houses. Set the mini trampoline outside for a change and feel the benefits. 

This is one of the best exercises to include in your normal routine. It is easy to follow and produces amazing results no matter what your age.