Maintaining Your Memory

If you haven’t noticed lately, the rise of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia is in full swing. We have seen a marked increase in the last decade. There are some very specific reasons that we are seeing this in many over the age of 65. Memory and healthy cognition are the essentials that we need to stay sharp and stay on top of our game. Our body is what carries us, but our mind is what establishes us. There are some key factors into keeping your brain healthy and strong for years to come. The first to know is to make sure you have an amazing lifestyle plan. In my television show recently I talked about how our brain health is determined by what we do every single day. As I learn more and think about the bigger picture, I realize how every aspect of how we live makes the ultimate difference. The stress that we learn to manage, our daily nutrition, and daily habits are what will impact our brain health the most. So here are some of the basics that we know can help. 

1.Eat More Fat
Omega 3 fatty acids are the shield for your brain. We have been so scared of fats for so long. The omega 3 fats will help support overall brain health and keep your memory and cognition very high. I take at least 15 grams every day. ( that’s about 15 capsules or 1 tablespoon!) 

2.Read More
We have to read. It exercises our brain and keeps it pumped like a muscle. We are slowly turning into a video society with the digital era. Make sure to read at least 30 minutes a day. Billionaire Warren Buffet reads 4-6 hours per day. What does that tell you? 

You have to get moving. Any form of consistent exercise over about a 15-30 minute interval can make the greatest impact over 5-6 days per week. 

4.Consider Natural Supplements – Nootropics
This is the new buzz. Smart drugs as they are called. There are natural versions of herbals that can help improve memory, increase cognition, and in some university studies, have shown to reduce and even potentially reverse the symptoms in Alzheimers. 

5.Drink More Water
In a recent show, I mentioned that just a 17 oz loss of water is enough to cause a marked rise in cortisol, a stress hormone, and reduce brain cognition. Keep your water intake up and keep your brain working at peak capacity.