Our memory is something that we take for granted when we are younger and later we realize how important it is. It seems that we are experiencing a greater surge in memory-related health challenges like Alzheimer’s and dementia. So what can we do? Brain health has always fascinated me. The neurological system is in control of so much of how we function every day. Many times if you can correct the basic nutritional deficiencies, then you can generally support better brain and memory function. So what is the best nutrition for the brain? It starts with the basics. So let’s take a look below on what it takes to reach your potential with overall brain health.

1.Eat Healthy Fats 
Like I say on my radio show, the king of fats are the omega 3 fatty acids. You must get these from specific sources like fish and even certain vegetables like squash. The omega 3 fats help set the stage for a great functioning memory and overall brain cognitive capacity. People like to take fish oil supplements. That is great, just make sure you understand the quality. 

Found abundantly in green tea. L-Theanine is a powerful amino acid that helps in memory, focus, and concentration. The typical dosage in the research is around 200mg per day. Several cups a day of green tea will usually yield this. 

Yes , the doctor said it. Caffeine actually has amazing, restorative benefits for the brain. I prefer the natural kind found in green tea. You can also get it in a great tasting supplement powder we have called Shred Stix. But don’t be scared of the occasional cup of organic , low acid coffee to get your brain going and enjoy its protective effects. 

4.Huperzine – A 
Used in Europe for years as a brain protector by prescription only, Huperzine A is known to restore brain health and preserve function very well. You can easily find it in certain natural based supplements like Think Balance

I know. You didn’t want me to say it. That means you actually have to sweat. Research has proven time and time again that exercise will improve our memory and up entire function for our memory for empowering your health

I truly believe that we can beat our brains deteriorating. If you have ever walked through a neurological deteriorating health challenge like Alzheimer’s, it will break your heart to watch and see your loved one fade away. Do what it takes now to take care of your brain, so fear and a diagnosis doesn’t have to be the catalyst.