How To Melt The Stubborn Body Fat

Fitness - How To Melt The Stubborn Body Fat

Have you ever wondered why the fat just won’t come off the midsection? Or maybe it’s the triceps, or the hips and thighs? Wherever the stubborn area is for you, all you know is that it is frustrating. Right? Is it genetics? Are you destined to have these trouble areas? There is a science to melting away the body fat. The key is to have a custom designed system for your body. There are important key factors that will help you melt away the body fat when you follow these proven rules. It is more than just exercise all day, cut your calories, and hope for the best. Let’s look at the proven steps to really make it happen for empowering your health

1.Get Your Free Hormones Checked
This is the absolute key. Typical blood tests show you how much of the hormone is being absorbed into the cell. There are tests available to help you figure out how much of the hormone is actually being produced. The production is the key. Many times you can have hormones that are not being produced and others that are being over produced. It’s important to make sure these are regulated. 

2.Check All 3 Estrogens
When you test the hormones, make sure to check all the estrogens including estrone, estriol, and estradiol. Each one of these estrogens store body fat in different areas such as the waistline, and hips and thighs. There are ways to moderate and balance these different hormones naturally using better lifestyle methods. 

3.Eat 25-30% Healthy Fats
I get asked this on my radio show often. Here is the key. The monounsaturated fats like macadamia nuts, saturated fats like coconut oil, and high omega 3 fats such as fish oil, will make the greatest impact on the hormones. Even though most all of the nuts have great health benefits, the macadamia nuts, for example, top the charts as impacting the hormones the best. What about saturated fat? Clogs the arteries? Not so fast. We need clean saturated fats at slight levels to complement the other fats and their absorption. 

4.Exercise 5-6 Days per week.
Just do something. Walk, run, jog, lift weights, play tennis. Move for just 15 minutes a day consistently. And please don’t say you walk your dog or do gardening. That doesn’t count! 

5.Manage Cortisol
Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It is a powerful hormone that can cause excess fat storage in the midsection. There are some easy tests that can be run to see what the levels are and how to keep them in the proper rhythm. Sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mental stress are all factors in helping to keep this area from being the culprit in you reaching your goals.

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