Does Cardio Exercise Make You Younger?

Fitness - Does Cardio Exercise Make You Younger?

Cardiovascular exercise, including running, is used by many to achieve great health and fitness. The great news about running is that researchers have found that it may turn back the clock and make us younger. Running increases our production of human growth hormone which helps us produce new youthful cells and can make us appear younger. Running also helps to override many of the health challenges we face today. Recent studies have shown that running actually impacts our DNA. It can affect our telomeres, which typically start to wear down with age. Therefore running can really boost our immune system, lower inflammation, and increase our overall vitality. The other great discovery about running is that it strengthens our skeletal structure. Running typically increases bone density and can ward off those age-related diseases like osteoporosis. 

So how do you start a running plan if you haven’t in a long while? You have to just start. Yes you might be a little older. Yes you might be a little heavier, but now is the time. Here are some basics in getting started on a running plan that can impact your life. 

1.Just Start
Look at adding running into your weekly exercise routine with just 5-10 minutes of jogging on the treadmill or venturing outside. Do what you can with what you have. There are even great programs available like the couch to 5k. 

2.Do Intervals
Start with interval running. Jog for 1 minute. Then walk briskly for 1 minute. Then repeat. Build up your body this way and soon your system will adapt. 

3.Find A Track
If you are heavier and need to lose some weight, it might be a little tough on the joints in the beginning. Find a local track, such at a high school, that has the softer surface. This will be easier on your body and help you in the early phase. 

4.Eat The Right Foods
If you are going to start running or increasing your cardiovascular activity, then make sure you are getting the right fuel. It is best to not be super low carb with this new plan. Plan on adding some brown rice, sweet potatoes, and quinoa to your meals. 

5. Glutamine and Vitamin C
Don’t forget the supplements. These two can help you recover from your workout and reduce muscle soreness. Vitamin C is good to have in a ascorbate form with minerals and glutamine by itself. Use a bracketing method of taking before and after your workouts.

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