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The Hottest Smart Textiles

We’ve talked about the definition, the strengths and weaknesses, and what smart textiles mean for innovation in health tech. Now let’s give you the examples, introducing you to some of the most exciting new products to come out under the smart textiles label in 2023 ( Remember, smart textiles have tech integrated into their very

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The Dieting Yo-Yo

Anyone who has tried dieting has probably been there. You start with good intentions, maybe even lose a bit of weight, but then the moment you stop, it all piles back on almost immediately. It’s disheartening, it’s probably unhealthier than just staying at the heavier weight in the first place, and a lot of experts

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Water Aerobics

If you’re recovering from an injury or have trouble with your joints, swimming is often recommended over going for a run or visiting the gym. But what if you don’t like swimming? Is there a way to combine the advantages of water-based exercise with your favorite land-based options? People can be pretty creative about how

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Data, Data, Data

Just why is artificial intelligence taking off in such a big way in healthcare circles? What makes it so potentially useful? The answer lies in the vast amounts of data that are collected and analyzed on a frankly ridiculous scale. Now we just need the policies and infrastructure to implement it both effectively and ethically

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Dietary Restriction And The Brain

Dietary restriction is typically a tool used to try to lose weight or help the digestive system function better, but increasing attention is being paid to its other potential benefits. It might not be the most obvious approach, but there’s some evidence that dietary restriction may boost your brain ( Growing older impacts every part

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When it comes to the many medical problems out there that can have a debilitating impact on your life, autoimmune conditions are among the trickiest. How can you heal from a disease when it’s your body’s own protective mechanisms attacking you? Scientists are hopeful that a compound called taxifolin may help ( Taxifolin is also

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