Energy & Hormones

Feeling Good

Hormones are about more than their physical effect on the body. They have cognitive and emotional impacts, which, in turn, can loop back around and change your physical health. No one is at their most energetic when they’re feeling depressed. Luckily, there are four “feel good” hormones that can help you feel a bit brighter. […]

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The Thyroid

There are hormones involved in every part of our body’s functioning, and one way in which they have an impact is on our energy levels. There are a few ways in which this is the case, but one is because of the gland known as the thyroid. In particular, if you’re experiencing powerful fatigue for

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Acne. It’s the great dread of many teenagers and more than a few adults. Hundreds of millions of people all across the world have acne at this precise moment, but that’s probably not a comforting thought to most people. It doesn’t matter how common it is or how minimal the damage, we’d all like it

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Tropic Hormones

You might think of hormones as acting on the parts of the body that aren’t hormones, and it’s true that a lot of them do that. What you also have, however, are tropic hormones. These influence the very same glands that produce hormones in the first place. The endocrine system really is all interconnected. Take

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Reflex Syncope

Things that cause your blood pressure to drop can be as simple as nutritional deficiencies or being dehydrated. One of the most common causes is blood loss. Slightly rarer, and a little more complex, is a neurological cause. This is known as reflex syncope. There are three types of reflex syncope: vasovagal, situational and carotid

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Echinacea is another one of those plants that people have been using in traditional medicine for years but where you might wonder exactly what it does and if there’s science to back up the claims. Well, I’m always here to try to help when you’re wading through the ever-confusing information that accompanies most supplements. There

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