Can You Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

Men's Health - Can You Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

When it comes to Men’s health there are a variety of areas that can be addressed. The number one concern that I get on my radio and television broadcasts for men is about testosterone levels. Guys are concerned about why their levels are dropping and what it takes to bring the levels back up. Testosterone is not that difficult to manage if you understand how the body works. Sure we produce less as we age, however, there are ways to slow that process down and maximize your body’s potential. First you must realize that your testosterone levels are dependent on several factors. The first is that you daily lifestyle choices will directly determine your results. Let’s look at the steps to make sure your testosterone levels stay at their peak. 

1.Exercise with Resistance 
This is a must. I prefer free weights, however, bands and bodyweight will work as well. Aim for 5 days a week for the best results.

2.Get Your Sleep 
Sleep is vital to get your testosterone levels to their peak. The typical goal is between 6-8 hours per night of quality sleep. Research shows that getting enough sleep can increase testosterone levels up to 20 percent. We did a show recently on the Dr Asa Network

3.Eat Plenty of Healthy Fat 
Low fat eating is a myth. Its old school and it will wreak havoc on your hormones. Aim for the healthy fats including fish oil, nuts and seeds, and avocados. Oh, and don’t forget the egg yolks. I eat 6 per day. 

4.Get Your Minerals 
The two most vital for your testosterone levels re zinc and magnesium. Men are heavily deficient in both. They are your secret weapons for bringing back your levels. Magnesium comes in many forms. Make sure to look for the aspartate, threonate, or glycinate versions for empowering your health

5.Get Your Protein 
Study after study shows how vital protein is in us building a lean body. The reason that is important is the lower your body fat, the higher your testosterone levels will be. It all starts with protein. The goals of your protein intake should be in the range of about 1 gram per pound of bodyweight. 

Getting your hormones tested is also a great practice so you know where your numbers are. You can check with your doctor to have this done. However, if your levels are low, you might not have to run to the hormone clinic just yet. There are some great lifestyle methods to implement first.

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