The best way to increase your blood pressure comes in various ways. There is new research that is helping us understand a better method by utilizing a powerful super food that can help support and stabilize blood pressure. Along with this food are some basic natural methods to keep blood pressure at bay. The main super food that we are seeing are beets. Beets and beet juice have some of the most powerful antioxidants around to help you revitalize your health. Beets have been used for years as a powerful support for digestive and overall cardiac health. However, there are some other great methods to support blood pressure that can be very helpful. Let’s look at some of these. 

Garlic has been known to help lower blood pressure. Just one clove a day can have significant affects on our overall heart function. 

A powerful amino acid. L-Arginine has been researched and been a major player in making nitric oxide to help in supporting blood pressure. Find it HERE

Another powerful amino acid to boot. This, in conjunction with green tea extract and L-arginine can have a powerful affect on helping to stabilize and normalize blood pressure. Find it HERE

This is the powerhouse. Because our soil is so depleted with this wonder mineral, magnesium can help to support and stabilize your blood pressure levels. I have personally seen so many people in a clinical setting benefit by just adding the right kind of magnesium for their health. It does depend on the right kind, however, and the best form is found HERE

It seems so simple, right? I just want to get people to actually do it. Regular exercise, even walking is enough to help you get on the right track. Set an immediate goal of 10 minutes a day for 6 days per week. That’s just 1 hour per week!! 

By implementing these simple strategies you can easily make an impact on your overall cardiac and heart capacity for empowering your health.