Beating Chronic Disease – The Power To Believe

Behavioral Health - Beating Chronic Disease - The Power To Believe

We just finished filming our new reality television show based on reversing chronic disease. It was amazing. You will see it soon on the Discovery Channel. My goal has always been to take someone past the 4 walls of a clinic, or past a quick conversation on my radio show, and see them through the entire process of gaining better health. Wow. We worked on several key areas that made the difference. The most important was their mindset. We had the guests in the mansion for 10 days. So what can you really accomplish in 10 days? A lot. The most important key to mindset is taking responsibility for it. I taught the guests some major keys in rebuilding their mindset to get them to a better place to win the battle against themselves. Ultimately it is your lifestyle choices that brought you into this situation that you are in. Diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and the list goes on. Eating healthy and exercising is a very important part of the process, however health is 20 percent of head knowledge and 80 percent of knowing what to do. I can get people to eat baked fish and broccoli, I can even get them to get themselves out of bed and go exercise. The challenge for many is to have the hope to know that they can be more and have more than where they are. Once you can get that across, then they can accomplish anything with their health. Here are some of the principles that I taught the guests.

1.Talk To Yourself 
Whether you admit it or not we talk to ourselves continually. We are in a constant place of telling ourselves something either positive, or negative. What we say matters. It programs our subconscious mind. Make sure to speak life and positive affirmationsto yourself each day. It will show itself in who you become. 

2.Speak Life To Others 
Remember when your mother told you. “If you can’t say something good to someone, then don’t say anything at all?” It is so true. Set a goal to find the one thing you appreciate about anyone that you come in contact with, and tell them about it. Watch what happens

3.Your Habits Determine Your Health 
This sums it up. If you are lazy, you will have a lazy body. If you eat junk food, you will have junk cells. And then don’t get upset when your body breaks down and has to take drugs. On the other hand, when you eat health, exercise, and reset well, you will experience vibrant and magnificent health. Health is a gift, and health is also a choice.

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