5 Reasons Why You Can Reach Your Potential

Have you ever stopped to think about what your potential is? I asked someone very close to me once about what they believed their reason for living and what their greatest gift and talent was. They couldn’t even answer the question and they were almost 50 years of age! That has been the question that I ask people when I am on the radio, tv, or speaking at live events. Who are you? Why are you here? What talent were you given? Are you using that talent to it’s fullest? Or another way of saying this is…Are you reaching your potential? Many people have never stopped to think about that very question. When it comes to your health nothing is more important than the mental aspect. The CDC says that 85% of the root cause of most health challenges has to do with emotional toxicity and environmental toxicity. Much of what holds us back is in our minds. I have discovered that a large part of this is found in a person not really knowing who they are and why they are here. We hear of the term grief when we think about mourning a loss of a loved one, or something devastating. However, many people live with grief each day and regret because they could have been more in their life. The one thing you can never get back is time. So how do we reach our potential? You have to do several action steps to make it happen.

Listen, I can talk on my radio show about how to lower your blood pressure, lower blood sugar, lose weight, balance hormones, have more energy, and get your physical health on track. That’s the easy part. For the most part, your health is where it is right now because of your emotional state. Let’s get to work on that. 

1.Define What You Are Good At 
We are all great at something. Think for a moment at what comes the easiest to you. For example, I had to study extra hard in school to attain 3 doctorates. It wasn’t easy, but quite painful actually. However, the day I stood up in front of 10,000 people and delivered a message, it was the easiest and most natural thing I had ever done. And I never took a class for it, never studied for it. I was naturally talented at it. You have to find your strength and work it for empowering your health

2.Work At It 
You have to work at what you are great at and get even better. Your gift will carry you, but you must stay at it and develop it. 

3.Train Your Thinking 
We become what we think about all day long. To reach your potential you must control how you think. Your thoughts will determine your overall success. And this is especially true with your health. 

4.Take Care Of Your Body 
This is where your health comes in. Many people lose their health in life because they don’t have a strong enough of a “Why”. What is your WHY? Find it. You have to. Because when you have a strong enough of a WHY, like your family, or your kids, then lowering blood pressure with better lifestyle choices becomes easy. Get it? 

5.Be Consistent 
Who won the race? The tortoise or the hare? If you don’t remember, go read it again. Life is a marathon and not a sprint, although you need to sprint each day to win. The marathon is staying with your main gift and talent. Never stop using it to serve others. The sprint is going at it hard every day and never letting up. 

Outside of many of the genetic diseases, health is typically easy to attain and maintain if you have the right foundation. To reach your potential it starts with knowing who you are and why you are here. Everything else will fall into place from there.