So, You’ve Been Diagnosed. Now What?

Hearing you have diabetes is pretty shocking, folks. Despite how common this condition is nationwide, finding out you have it can be pretty upsetting and leave you unsure what to do next.

Don’t beat yourself up over it

Yes, unhealthy lifestyle habits can contribute to the development of diabetes. A poor diet, lack of exercise and too much alcohol can all lead to diabetes. Genetics plays a role, too.

Regardless of how you ended up with this condition, now is the time to look forward, not backward. You can’t undo the past, so it’s wise to get into a “today” mindset and understand that you can manage your disease effectively right from the start.

Start asking questions

Being diagnosed with diabetes is going to have a real impact on your life, so you need to know as much as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor all the questions you may have. Common concerns include how often you should test your blood sugar, what are the long-term risks, complications and impact of this disease, and what to do if your blood sugar reading is too high or too low. You can also ask for referrals to other medical professionals for assistance, such as a dietician to help you come up with a diabetic diet that you will be able to follow at home.

Make real changes

Your doctor has likely asked you to make lifestyle changes related to your current habits or diet. Whatever the doctor suggests, be ready to commit to those changes. The direction you receive from your doctor is aimed at preventing the more serious complications of diabetes, such as eye, kidney and circulatory issues. If you don’t make changes now, you could find yourself dealing with an even more serious condition down the road.

If you need help, ask for it. You may, for example, want to work with a diabetes coach for a while to learn more about your condition and its proper management. A nutritionist or dietician can help you work out a diet that will keep your blood sugar in check. Arrange to receive professional help with whatever area of disease management you are not sure about.

A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean your life is over–millions of people live with this condition everyday. Listen to your doctor and take your diagnosis seriously so you can manage your disease properly.

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