Mobility And Joint Health

People take supplements for all kinds of reasons, but when you look at all the research, it seems that joint health is pretty high on the list of priorities. From elderly people experiencing the mobility issues associated with aging to injury-prone athletes who need to maintain peak physical fitness, millions of people around the world are looking to supplements to keep them moving (

Achy joints sometimes seem like an inevitable part of growing older. We all know people who slow down and lose some of their flexibility as they age. In fact, one survey suggested that as many as 48% of people had worries about being able to move without pain, and a significant proportion of them were actively seeking help from supplements. Another study put 43% of people at the “severely concerned” level regarding muscle, bone and joint health (the only bigger worry was cognitive functioning), with another 37% “somewhat concerned”.

With all this research, it’s no wonder that a French company called Activ’Inside, which specializes in a variety of different supplements, has turned its attention to joint health and improving mobility. Its AiFlex’inside product is targeted at anyone who may have concerns in this area, from athletes to the elderly.

A peek at AiFlex’inside’s ingredients list reveals vitamin C, often a key ingredient for a variety of health needs; meadowsweet, which can decrease the impact of pain; and saffron extract. The extract is patented, based on a proprietary study that suggested it has anti-inflammatory properties.

AiFlex’inside has a dual purpose. It aims to reduce sensitivity to pain, meaning you can continue even when things hurt, and it reduces inflammation, which means there will be less pain in the first place. You’re probably aware that inflammation is a big part of many age-related health problems.

Activ’Inside isn’t just asking you to take the effectiveness of AiFlex’inside on faith. It has clinical trials to support its work. The main study was actually supervised by rheumatologists, and over its two-month running time, its 100 participants took a regular 100mg dose every day. The participants, both older people and athletes with joint issues, reported a reduction in pain and improved mobility, as did the customers who have been surveyed since then.

From more effective exercise sessions to a generally improved quality of life, Activ’Inside seems to show promising results for its users.

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