It’s Time to Go To Your Doctor

Look, guys, no one loves the doctor’s office. It’s just one of those things that we have to do, whether we like it or not!

In reality, a lot of men just aren’t going to the doctor when they should. While a Cleveland Clinic survey found that four out of five men say they try to stay in good health for their loved ones, close to 75 percent of those same respondents said they’d rather scrub a toilet or do other chores than go to a doctor for an annual checkup, as noted by Web MD (

This survey has just confirmed a troubling trend in healthcare–men are just not willing to make routine doctor visits. As one survey conductor noted, while men in their 30s and 40s might feel healthy, this is the time in life when you need to start taking preventive measures so you stay healthy as you grow older. Blood pressure, cholesterol checks and other simple screening tools are essential for maintaining health as men age. Catching rising blood pressure early on, for example, may give you a chance to reverse it with diet and exercise before you’re stuck taking medication.

To get yourself into the habit of going to a doctor regularly and talking openly about whatever issues you’re having, find a doctor you feel you can trust. Generally, there’s no law saying you have to keep the same doctor forever. If you are not comfortable with yours or how their office is run–siting around in a waiting room for hours when you have an appointment is definitely a visit deterrent–it’s time to make a change. Review your medical insurance provider’s list of doctors under your plan and their procedures for changing your primary care doctor so you know what your options are and what to do when you find the right doctor.

Bring a list of issues or symptoms you are having to your annual exam, along with a list of all medicines, vitamins and supplements, whether they are prescribed or over-the-counter. When you go in prepared, you’ll have a more productive visit.

If you haven’t had your annual checkup yet or it’s been years, it’s time to stop scrubbing that toilet and make the appointment. Remember that your family and friends are depending on you, and you can prevent a minor health condition from turning into a major one by keeping on top of your annual doctor exams.

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