There are two big concerns in the science of aging. One is how we can help people live longer, and the other is how to make sure that our old age is healthy. No one wants to be 100 but in a complete state of physical and mental deterioration. That’s why health apps like InsideTracker are becoming so popular. By monitoring our health now, we can develop the good habits that maximize the chances of not just an improved lifespan, but an improved healthspan (

It’s all very well saying that the key to longevity is a better diet and more exercise, but trying to figure out what that means for you is not easy, especially in a hectic modern world where you often don’t have the time to evaluate your lifestyle. InsideTracker provides a couple of very simple tests that don’t just tell you about your current health but also provide specially tailored recommendations on how you can improve it.

Only three biomarkers are needed for InsideTracker’s at-home test. It analyzes your blood, your DNA and your lifestyle. Blood and DNA tests are carried out through taking samples – they’re quick and painless – while your lifestyle is assessed through an in depth questionnaire about your nutrition, exercise and other habits.

Blood tests are one of the most important diagnostic tools available. Everything you eat, every time you sleep, every chemical you absorb or lose, and every moment of stress you experience can all be traced through your blood. DNA is less about immediate changes and more about the risks and potentials inherent in your genetic structure. It can tell you what is and isn’t likely to happen depending on how you live your life and how your body is likely to respond to its environment.

Underpinning InsideTracker is an algorithm called SegterraR. It’s been developed through InsideTracker’s comprehensive data collection from 180,000 healthy subjects, 8,000 different types of food and 2,500 scientific papers. It’s also constantly being refined and improved to reflect the newest research and technological developments. This highly scientific approach allows it to develop unique, personalized plans for your diet, your exercise sessions, and your other daily tasks.

At-home testing isn’t always as reliable as that done in a lab, but at least one study into InsideTracker’s effectiveness found suggestive evidence that its recommended lifestyle changes could improve your measured biomarkers.

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