How to Allergy-Proof Your Wedding Guest Experience

Whether you love or hate going to weddings, folks, they are a simply a part of life. But for those of us with food allergies–or kids that have them–a wedding reception can be an intimidating event. After all, you certainly want to eat and drink, but you don’t want to end the night with a reaction!

Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure you and your loved ones have a safe time at a reception, even with food allergies.

Tell the happy couple ahead of time

When you RSVP for the wedding, let the couple know you have a food allergy and what you are allergic to. This way, they know beforehand and can give the caterer a heads up. Do this even if you talk to the bride or groom frequently and they already know about your allergy. There is a lot to keep track of for a wedding, so reminders help!

Talk to the venue

You may be asked by the couple to speak to the venue for specific accommodations depending on your allergy. You should also let the waitstaff at the wedding know in case the message wasn’t passed down. If they can’t tell you for certain what is in the food, they will find the person who can.

Watch food in trays

When food is left in trays for people to take from, there’s always a chance of cross-contamination. Those nut-free cookies you’re eyeing could have peanut dust on them from a guest who had a peanut cookie before touching the nut-free tray. You may want to avoid trays altogether or explain the situation to a server, who may be able to bring you some items from the back.

Have a backup plan

In some rare cases–usually with kids who have food allergies–there is a chance there just won’t be anything safe or appealing to eat. Bring some safe snacks with you just in case this happens so you’re not hungry.

A wedding can be a great time, even if you’re not in the mood for it, and your food allergies should never prevent you from enjoying the celebration for the happy couple. As with other dining experiences, you just need to take the time to talk to the right people and ask the right questions so you can have a safe food experience at the wedding.