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This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about smart textiles recently, but this new frontier of health tech is so exciting and innovative that there’s a lot to cover. I’ve gone over the basics before, so now let’s explore just how they can be integrated into every part of your life, from what you wear to your home furnishings (

First up is fashion. Can smart textiles be the latest statement in style? It certainly seems so. Yes, they adjust to the temperature, keeping you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold, and remind you to fix your posture or that you haven’t exercised enough today. However, in addition to being a more sustainable option, they also allow the most high-tech pieces of gear to blend seamlessly with your outfit.

Wearables might be becoming more convenient, but you don’t always want something big and bulky strapped around your wrist. Smart textiles are subtler, fitting seamlessly into your clothes or sometimes an accessory like a bag. Headphones can be incorporated into a hat.

It’s worth mentioning the sustainability aspect again. The fashion industry uses water and plastic on a massive scale, often for clothes that will only be worn once or twice before being thrown away again. No one is throwing smart textiles away after just one use. They’re built to last, often with biodegradable materials.

Then there are home furnishings. There’s fabric in curtains, pillows, sofa covers, tablecloths, bedding and even lampshades. With the use of smart textiles, these can control the lighting and the temperature. Perhaps you want to ensure natural light fills the space in daytime but you still want your privacy to be protected. Perhaps you want a seat that warms you in the chillier months. You could even use some changing light colors to create a real ambience.

Home furnishings are another way that smart textiles can be more efficient than the regular kind, this time in terms of both space and energy usage. Many can be adapted in shape, size and purpose depending on your room and other furniture, while their role in temperature regulation means less reliance on expensive, energy-guzzling heating or air conditioning. Again, they do all this while looking good.

With style and substance, there’s space for smart textiles in every part of your life.

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